The liberal media got burned by Jussie Smollett’s apparent hate crime hoax because they wanted to believe the cartoonish image they concocted for Trump supporters and conservatives. The media ate it hook line and sinker and ran with it without the facts. But on Saturday, CNN media reporter and host of the so-call “Reliable Sources” program, Brian Stelter tied to distance the media from their shame.

During CNN Newsroom’s 8 o’clock hour, Stelter joined host Ana Cabrera by phone and downplayed ABC’s gushy interview with Smollett. “I think in retrospect, that Good Morning America interview which allowed him to tell his side of the story, that just made things worse for him. Perhaps the questioning was not tough enough on Good Morning America,” he said.

“Not tough enough,” was a massive understatement. As NewsBusters news analyst Kristine Marsh discovered, Robin Roberts’s interview was such a joke, she never referred to the attack as “alleged” at any point.

Earlier that evening, Stelter, called into CNN’s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered to discuss the Smollett case. There, he noted that from the beginning the accusations drew political connotations:

As heard on The Hagmann Report