Jackson40On the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, we often interview authors and frequently recommend books to our audience. While we attempt to provide as much information to our listeners as possible without adding any extra burden and expense, it often seems that there’s always that “one book,” DVD or CD that is a “must have.”

Moreover, there are many people who just simply cannot afford to keep up with monthly bills and daily expenses, and sometimes, the added expense of even a single book could mean the difference between gas in the car or food on the table. Yes, some people are that strapped, despite the allegations of an improving economy.

Gregg Jackson, author of 40 Things to Teach Your Children Before You Die has frequently appeared on our show. The response to his appearances – and his book – have been overwhelmingly positive. The demand for his book has been over the top, and it has become a best seller. Still, some people have issues of affordability and have not been able to purchase his book.

Helping those seeking the simple truths about life, family & faith

As a result of the collective generosity of American Survival Wholesale, Jon of HHconnections, Gregg Jackson and his publisher, Dunham Books, Gregg Jackson’s book, 40 Things to Teach Your Children Before You Die is being made available through their very generous initiative exclusive to the listeners of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

Those who would like to have a copy of Gregg’s book to give or read to your child but cannot afford one, a copy will be sent to you free of charge by these extremely generous men of God. If you reside out of the United States, an electronic version will be provided in place of a hard copy.

If you fall into that “more month than money category and would like a complimentary copy of Mr. Jackson’s book, here’s what you can do:

Instructions: Please send an e-mail to [email protected]. In the subject line, you must type “40 Things.” In the body of the e-mail, please type your full name, exact mailing address (inside the U.S.), including zip code. Please double-check your information for accuracy. After your “order” is processed, a copy of Mr. Jackson’s book will be sent to you free of charge – no strings.

For those residing out of the United States and are in the “same boat” in terms of finances – we understand. As noted, an electronic version will be sent to you as well, simply follow the same instructions as above.

We ask only that you promise to put the book to good use, read it to or even with your children, and help spread Godly family values and the truth about our God, our nation, the family, and Biblical truths that are so needed today. Just as supplies are limited, we believe that our time is as well.

It is imperative that we all work together as Christians and help each other in these trying times. Although we would like to help everyone, supplies are limited. We will continue this initiative until we are no longer able.

From Gregg Jackson:

One of my greatest burdens and desires as a father is for my eight-year-old son to grow up honoring God with his life, knowing right from wrong, and acting on that knowledge. I am far more interested in his character than I am in which college he attends or his profession. I am sure that I am not alone.

In fact, if you are reading these words, you too must possess that same burden and sense of obligation that I do, to pass on the same truths that have guided the best parts of your life to your children, so that they may know the truth, and that their lives will glorify God.

During most of American history, when a biblical worldview prevailed, much of the information in this book was common knowledge, even among non-Christians. But we live in a day where “good has become evil and evil good,” where “everyone does what is right in his own eyes.” A time when quoting God’s Word in public can literally get you arrested for a “hate crime.” (Read the rest HERE).

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