Things seemed to have slowed a bit. Though we had a terrorist attack last week, the horror appears to have slithered away for a bit. It’s just so difficult to get the sheeple all upset in December. So, I’m not expecting much over the next two weeks.

This doesn’t mean that nothing will happen. LOTS is going on. In fact, you should expect big political moves to happen over the next few weeks, because this is the time of year when people really aren’t paying attention.

Satanism IS on the march. Islam IS planning to kill you. Your government IS planning your enslavement. The Financial system IS collapsing. The Antichrist IS coming.

…but, have a Merry Christmas, anyway.


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Simmering Angst Before Christmas

Some of you will get a bit kerfuffled over my hope that you’ll have a Merry Christmas. I find such kerfuffleness to be amusing.

You perchance, enjoy your Saturdays, right?

Yeah. The day named after the god Saturn. Oh, and then there’s Thor’s Day – Thursday. And, don’t forget Sun’s Day (Sunday), Moon’s Day (Monday), Tiw’s Day (Tuesday), Oden’s Day (Wednesday) and Frigga’s Day (Friday).

EVERY day is a pagan holiday!

Then there’s the names of months and all kinds of pagan stuff. I could spend all day pointing out the pagan connections to lots and lots of stuff.

But for myself, I’m more interested in remembering the coming of our Lord and Savior. THAT birthday is certainly more important than my own. So, for those of you who hate Christmas, please shut up if you do not celebrate the birth of Jesus on some other day.

I mean… the birth of Jesus IS significant, right?

For myself, the only thing that I’ll do is go to church on the 24th. Here in Taiwan, we don’t do very much more than that – although the Taiwanese love Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments.

The Economy

I’m actually more interested in how much money Americans will spend over the Christmas season. It has been an important barometer for the health of the economy for a long time, and I’m curious. Of course, I’m not MUCH more than curious, because I already KNOW the health of the economy.

And BAD does not even BEGIN to describe our situation.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a link and some commentary on that link:

history channel documentary – Global Economic Collapse – The Next Economic Disaster – YouTube

This is an Earth-shaking video. It spells DOOM for our economy. There is NO WAY that we can escape this catastrophe. We must go through it. It’s going to be bad going through it. It will be bad AFTER we go through it.

And, the biggest threat is PRIVATE debt. PRIVATE. This is the debt held by individuals and businesses. We keep looking at PUBLIC debt held by the government, but it’s far less of a threat than the debt held by Americans.

Please be ready for this.


Unfortunately, our attention was diverted by the shoot-down of a Russian SU-24, in the skies above Syria. A lot of things happen when you are distracted, so I want you remember something important as we move through the holidays:

Household and Corporate debt will kill us

We are shocked by the level of the National Debt and $19 trillion is A LOT. And, that debt will also kill our society, but not before private (i.e., household and corporate) debt destroys us. And, that destruction is coming soon. Very soon.


The other thing that will get us is Satanism. It might be better if we called it Luciferianism, but I’m not sure that the name is all that important. What is important is the network of Satanists at work in our society.

In fact, I think that a few Satanists have begun to monitor this website. I consider it an honor to have reached the point where I’m getting their attention. But, you might need to know a thing or two about these people.

Did you know that Satanists go to church?

And no, I do not mean the ‘Church of Satan’. No, I mean YOUR church – or, at least one like it. I’ve known this for a while, but I received a strong reminder in the form of a book that I’ve been reading:

The Color of the Sun by Loren Grace

The author writes well and the book is free in PDF format. It’s the autobiography ofSatanic Ritual Abuse survivor Loren Grace. Her website is here:


My hope is that you will read what she writes, because – like Carolyn Hamlett and other SRA survivors – she provides a perspective on a Satanic network that is operating in your neighborhood and in the halls of power.

(See my research below)

In fact, the only thing that keeps this network from proliferating even faster is the need for secrecy and how expensive it is to ‘program’ children.

My other question is about where else this network operates. It is certainly operating in North America, Europe and Australia.

But, how far into Asia, Africa and South America?

GMO Humanity

I don’t know. But, I think that we will find out fairly soon, and we won’t like what we see. But… now that I think about it …I think that we DO see this Satanic network operating in South Korea and China.

This new ‘cloning factory’ in China is unnerving. And, the operators of this factory are saying that the ONLY reason why they are not cloning humans is because society doesn’t like the idea.

But, do you really believe that they AREN’T cloning humans?


You can also bet that they are genetically modifying these clones – or, at least trying to. And, that raises an interesting point:

How viable are these clones?

These GMO humans?

(See my research below.)

The Last Generation

I think that we will also find out soon. The more successful they are, the more quickly God will need to destroy us. I do not believe that God will allow Satan to corrupt our gene pool too much before destroying us. It’s just one of many reasons why I believe that you and I are the last generation.

And yes, Jesus spoke of that Last Generation beginning on June 7th, 1967.

I’ve been writing about that day for more than twenty years, and my most recent article on the subject is here:

The Beginning of the End – An Anniversary

Please keep this in mind. I also call that day the beginning of a prophecy clock that will stop ticking when Jesus Christ returns, and that clock is only a generation long. You can see a much longer writeup, here:

Prophecy Clock – Is It All Over within a Couple of Decades?

Notice also that the the above is part of a larger work that I have called:

Ezekiel’s Fire

You can find the whole thing, in PDF form, here:


I am on the final edit for THAT version, and – Lord Willing! – the Chinese version will begin soon. Also, Lord Willing, there will be paperback and Kindle version available – at cost and half the size – in the near future.

We will see how the Lord directs.

Please pray for this effort.

The San Bernadino Terrorist Attack

Also, this ‘event’ in San Bernadino is interesting. There are some anomalies that bother me about this terrorist attack, and I am wondering about the implications.

Where is the security camera footage?

Why were ‘three men’ reported?

Why was the apartment of the terrorists unsecured?

Why did the bombs fail to explode?

Why have the police ignored the mother of the terrorist?

You can find those questions asked, here:

Baffling ‘odd’ gaps in California terror attack

(as for this and many other links in my articles, a big thanks to stevequayle.com.)

(More in my research below.)

Alternative Media Attempts To Exonerate Islam

Lots of the alternative media are chiming in with their own conspiracy theories, and I find it interesting that many are posing those theories in an attempt to protect Islam. That bothers me a lot. By attempting to make this a ‘false flag’ – without evidence – they are exonerating Islam.

There may be ‘false flag’ elements to this story, but it really was an Islamic terrorist attack. And, I am disturbed by those who would attempt to protect Islam, by posing every theory under the sun – except for those theories that point the finger at Islam.

Islam IS a religion of war and violence.

Islam IS to everything that you hold dear.

Islam DOES worship Satan.

And, if you claim that Muslims worship the God of Abraham, you are a Chrislamist and and an idiot. No, that’s too tame of a term. So, maybe I should put it another way:

If you are a Chrislamist, you are in league with Satan.

Islam is the worship of Satan. Only straight-up Satanism is more vile. And, if you follow in the footsteps of Rick Warren and his claim that Islam worships the God of Abraham… then you are a Chrislamist. And THAT means that you are in league with Satan himself.

And yes, there are many in the alternative media that are in league with Satan. I have named them in the past, and I provide some of their names in this week’s research.


Please. Don’t do it.

Yes, I know that they claim to be Christians.

Did you know that Satanists ALSO will claim to be ‘Christian’?

They even talk about their false Messiah as ‘The Christ’. That’s right. Satanists are quick to claim that they follow Christ. Only THEIR Christ isn’t ours.

So, let me repeat:

Do not follow the Chrislamists, who are – by definition – in league with Satan.

Be suspicious of anyone who defends Islam. Be suspicious of anyone who hates Israel and the Jews. Be suspicious of anyone who does not speak the name of Jesus, when referring to their Lord and Savior. In fact, in this terrible day and age…

…be suspicious of even me.

Praise God!

That means read your Bible. Seek the Lord. Love your brothers and sisters in Christ. Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best, and…

…Praise God that He sent His only Son to die for our sins.


As heard on The Hagmann Report