UPDATED: During my weekly hour of political commentary on The Hagmann Report on Monday, July 30 – 9-10 PM EDT (the video podcast of that segment on YouTube is here) – I mentioned that I would post an article with some links to the issues that I was discussing. So here goes.

The 1957 Omnibus television program on Johann Sebastian Bach, hosted by Leonard Bernstein, which I mentioned and quoted from can be watched in its entirety apparently without charge at this URL. The memorable commentary by Bernstein that I read on the Hagmann Report, in which he commented on God’s influence on Bach, occurs during the last two or three minutes of the program.

Here is the section of Leonard Bernstein’s narration that I quoted:

Leonard Bernstein: [J.S. Bach’s compositions were] A white hot creation of 50 years. And what is it that holds all these pages [of Bach’s musical compositions] together – that makes them inevitably the product of one man? The religious spirit. For Bach, music was religion. Writing it was an act of faith. Performing it was an act of worship. And that is true not only of his sacred works but all of his music no matter how secular its purpose. The six Brandenburg Concertos were technically dedicated to the margrave of Brandenburg. But the notes praise God, not the margrave. Every work praises God. This is the spine of Bach’s work. Simple faith. Otherwise how could he have turned out all that inspired stuff while he was simultaneously carrying out his many duties. [At this point, Bernstein notes that Bach had to live a “normal” life – raising children, making a living, trying to get work that paid, etc.]

Bach was a man after all, not a god. But he was a man of God. Godliness shines through all of his music from first to last.

Leonard Bernstein explains Bach on national TV. Omnibus, March 31, 1957.

Some of the other links from the July 30th Hagmann Report:

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