Shocking image depicting the ‘white woman of Europe’ being grabbed and assaulted by dark-skinned men on cover of Polish magazine sparks fury

  • Far-right weekly dedicates issue to discussing sex attacks by migrants
  • Image shows a woman in Europe flag being molested by group of men
  • Accuses authorities of turning blind eye ‘in name of political correctness’
  • Critics have accused the magazine of ‘deliberately arousing public fear’ 

A Polish magazine has sparked anger after publishing a front cover image depicting a white woman being molested by a group of dark-skinned men.

The far-right weekly wSieci (Network) mocked up the picture to illustrate an issue dedicated to discussing the rape and sexual assault of women by migrants across Europe.

It shows a half-naked blonde woman, who is wrapped in the flag of Europe, screaming as she is groped by six hands next to the headline: ‘Islamic Rape of Europe’

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Shocking: Polish far-right has featured this image on its front cover depicting a white woman wrapped in a flag of Europe being molested for an edition addressing rape and sexual assault by migrants entering Europe

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