Sheila Zilinsky joins us to talk about the death of Justice Scalia and other issues of importance.

What arguably began with the simple mantra of “you’re either with us or on the side of the terrorists” following 9/11, is rapidly turning into a very dangerous policy determined to quell any political and ideological dissension against the subjugation of Americans who dare question the course of such policy. As Americans, we are facing an unprecedented threat determined to silence any open discussion opposed to the perverse redefinition of our Constitutional, Christian, Conservative ideology.

We are at a critical hinge moment in history, where the Globalist Luciferian agenda is being accelerated to clear the way for the complete tyrannical takeover of the last bastion of freedom on the planet. To accomplish their objectives in advance of a potential “regime change” or a shift in power at the executive level, scorched earth tactics are being used to inflict deep and lasting damage to our once great Republic.

We have painstakingly researched and constructed what we believe to be the exact plans, plots and schemes of those in power. Unsurprisingly, it is not merely the overtly Marxist or Socialists who are the authors and creators of the “architecture of evil” we are witnessing being constructed in haste. Although most members of the captured and controlled mass media continue to entertain the masses with breathtaking play-by-play action of political theater, there is a remnant awakening to the machinations of those behind the scenes. It is this segment of the population who pose the greatest threat to the implementation of a fully functional tyrannical form of government that is determined to enslave all of us, while attempting to convince us to enjoy our servitude.

We are seeing the gradual morphing of former truth-tellers in the “alternative media” falling in line with the approved narrative. It is painful to watch. We are also seeing the incremental assaults and outright takedowns of those who refuse to comply with this perverse ideology. Battle lines are becoming clearer, and the casualties are mounting.

On this extremely important broadcast of the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, we will present substantiated evidence to prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the tactics of the globalists in power are being honed to advance their agenda. We will exhibit direct evidence of their methods in the form of executive orders, executive actions, legislative maneuvers, false or misleading congressional inquiries, and bipartisan complicity to not only weaken the U.S. from within, but to solidify the socialist plan that will usher in the next step in this procedure.

Equally important, we will provide evidence to show that those who are truly exposing these tactics have been upgraded as targets in ways that some will never see coming, and most would never expect.

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