24 November 2014: In nearly three decades of investigative experience that has included my direct or peripheral involvement in numerous jury decisions and grand jury presentments, I’ve never seen anything like what’s presently playing out in Ferguson, Missouri. Never. To describe the situation as “bizarre” would be a tremendous understatement. We are clearly being managed. The nation is being managed, or perhaps “gamed” is a more appropriate description of the events playing out before us.

What we are witnessing right now is not about seeking or understanding the facts and pursuing justice in the case of an officer involved shooting death. Judging by the ritualistic dance taking place center stage, perhaps it never was, at least at the highest levels of government. Instead, it’s the ‘Super Bowl’ of grand jury announcements, and it has nothing to do who wins or loses as there will be no winners – only losers. The biggest loser of all, except for those whose lives were directly impacted, is our nation.

I am writing this with less than two hours before the announcement of the St. Louis grand jury, which is expected to be made at 9:00 local time (10:00 PM ET), and just over an hour after Missouri governor Nixon made his “reassuring” statement to the public that measures have been taken to protect the safety of his state and those in the community of Ferguson. That statement included the disclosure that critical infrastructure will be protected by the Missouri National Guard, and the full force of the police department will be at the ready to keep the peace. This, before the official grand jury announcement.

Clearly, we are being managed on a grand scale. The entire scene is being choreographed into a needless, self-fulfilling prophetic nightmare that will not end well, regardless of the judicial decision or the level of unrest we might witness tonight and in the days and night ahead.

It’s no longer about the decision of the grand jury. It is no longer about the evidence or the facts, as they have been removed – stage left – from this well-choreographed play. The 12-member grand jury, the prosecutor and others have become nothing more than bit players in something larger.

The stage is being set for something much, much bigger, and at levels much higher than whatever will play out in and around Ferguson.


By Doug Hagmann


As heard on The Hagmann Report