WASHINGTON – A Marine Corps University professor has become famous practically overnight because he has something President Obama does not.

A plan to defeat jihad.

And he can articulate it simply and convincingly.

Ever since the Orlando massacre it has become practically impossible to tune into Fox News and not see Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University.

He has also advised the secretary of defense and is lead instructor for the combating terrorism course for the U.S. Special Operations Command, among his many impressive bona fides.

Gorka has become a ubiquitous guest on Fox News not just because his analysis is razor sharp and witty, but because his subject matter has grown more timely by the hour.

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defeating jihad

The title of his New York Times bestseller released in April is also a bold statement: “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.”

Among numerous raves, Conservative Review hailed the book as a “succinct tract that will prove to be indispensable in the United States’ and the rest of world’s coming efforts against the hydra-like enemy that is Islamic extremism.”

Reviewer Nate Madden observed, “Quite simply, it has never been sufficient [for] policymakers and strategists to utter the platitude that the terrorists ‘hate our freedom’ without thoroughly understanding why they do and how they systematically plan to snuff it out. ‘Defeating Jihad’ offers a quick primer to fill the informational gap.”

In his book, Gorka proposes a simple but comprehensive strategy to defeat global jihad. Simple, in that it only has three parts, but comprehensive in that those parts have many details. Those details represent the product of years of study, research and writing on counterterrorism.

These are the three parts to Gorka’s strategy to defeat jihad:

1) Identify the enemy
2) Empower allies
3) Delegitimize the ideology of jihad

And here are the details:

1) Identify the enemy

Name the enemy

Gorka has a simple explanation as to why it is so important to identify the enemy and to call it by name. What’s in a name? Well, he explains, if a patient had cancer but his doctor didn’t want to cause alarm and called it a cold, that would certainly affect the choice of treatment.

Likewise, President Obama has steadfastly refused to identify the enemy as radical Islam.

Gorka says that’s because for the last seven years the White House narrative has been that terrorism is the result of poverty and lack of education, not religion.

But it is essential to identify jihad as fueled by religion, insists the professor.

“It would be incredibly symbolically important and also operationally important. The FBI people I know are fed up with getting PC-stuff down their throats,” wrote Gorka on his website in June.

He added, “Not calling the enemy Radical Islam undermines our allies in the Muslim world, who realize the conflict is a religious war within Islam and the jihadists are winning. It doesn’t help these Muslim allies when the Obama administration says it has nothing to do with religion.”

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President Obama in Orlando, Fla.

President Obama in Orlando, Fla.

It is imperative to recognize the enemy is motivated by a religious narrative, but that does not mean it is a war on a religion, maintains Gorka.
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