At what point does Trump Derangement Syndrome stop being handy shorthand for the liberal media’s hatred of the President, and start being taken seriously as an actual mental disorder?

The question arises after witnessing Joe Scarborough raising the specter on today’s Morning Joe the possibility that Donald Trump “doesn’t know how to read.”

Scarborough made his absurd suggestion in discussing a story in Forbes (which Joe seems to have misattributed to the New York Times) reporting that two Trump advisers came up with the idea of the wall as a rhetorical device to remind Trump to discuss illegal immigration while addressing supporters. Here was Scarborough:

“His own people admitting to the New York Times, they said, actually this was just a memory trick for him in 2014. They came up with the idea of a wall because they knew Donald Trump didn’t like to read—or perhaps he doesn’t know how to read—it’s hard to say. But everybody around him says he never reads.”