Satan’s Phoenix Plan Moves Forward


A foul evil stalks the globe. (And yes, it IS a globe!) It reaches deep into the halls of power and subverts the hearts and minds of countries and people. It uses education, books and television to prepare for the coming of their dark anointed one.

They claim to be illumined ones, yet slither and slink through the shadows. They claim righteousness, yet engage in murder and abomination. They claim freedom while enslaving peoples and nations.

We think of them as the Illuminati, but they haven’t called themselves that for a very long time. And, I ran across them again, several days ago.


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Satan’s Phoenix Plan Moves Forward

Last night, as I was teaching one of our English/Bible classes, I ran headlong into a form of post-modern thinking that I had hoped never to see in Taiwan. My wife had tried to warn me that this was alive and well in the hearts of Taiwanese kids, but it never became real to me until last night.

I was attempting to engage my students in an exercise in critical thinking, and focusing on the idea of good and evil. I was wanting to springboard from that innate identification of good and evil, into a larger question of where that ability comes from.

But, to my utter consternation, I couldn’t find it.

A couple of my students DID have an understanding of good and evil, and became visibly upset at the others who did not have any idea of what good and evil were. And, I also became extremely agitated over the my own inability to find any kind of standard in their thinking.

A Shocking Amount Of Programming

Even when I asked them about Hitler’s murder of millions of people, they STILL could not identify that as evil. It wasn’t that they did not WANT to identify Hitler’s actions as evil. They literally did not KNOW that murder and genocide were evil.

In fact, as I probed their thinking, it was clear to me that they had almost no definition for evil, at all. It had been almost completely erased from their consciousness. There was still a glimmer of understanding, but that guttering flame wasn’t enough to ignite even the smallest discussion.

I was in shock.

Yes, I knew that America had descended into an abhorrent post-modern slavery of the mind. But, I had been hoping that it had yet to reach the halls of academia in Taipei. How foolish of me to hold such an irrational hope.

And these young men and women are the future.

Woolly Sheep, Batman!

Young Chinese Victims

The irony is that these young people were victims of the very thing that I had wanted to mention:

The Illuminati

The educators in Taiwan and China have been reading the books produced by these ‘illumined ones’ and have passed on these ‘illuminated principles’ to their students. This ‘cult of illumination’ has done a masterful job of destroying our innate ability to understand the difference between good and evil.

I am very impressed.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It is an abhorrent evil that they have committed. I get that. But, it is still a masterpiece of clever, psychological engineering. In fact, I can now say that the world is ready for Satan’s dark messiah to take the stage.

The Plan For The Dark Messiah

Of course, they had wanted him to take the world stage in the year 2000, but events got in the way.

How do I know that?

Well, last week, Steve Quayle posted a link to this All News Pipeline article:

Carolyn Hamlett Exposes The Illuminati Shocking Plan to Kill Christians!

That was a great article, and then this one appeared on Steve’s website:

Carolyn Hamlett – Illuminati Plan A Fake Antichrist Before The False Messiah

Now THAT got me going!

Carolyn Hamlett

I had heard of Carolyn Hamlett before, but she hadn’t really made a strong impression with me. I’m not sure why, but it could be due to the already massive impact from Cathy O’Brien, Svali, and Brice Taylor. I was already reeling from THEIR testimonies, so Carolyn’s testimony didn’t really register with me.

I guess that the time wasn’t right for what she had to say.

Well, having listened and read what Carolyn had to say recently, I can tell you that the implications are overwhelming. And, they completely explain the complete insanity that we are seeing right now.

Satan’s Phoenix Plan

Lots of people have been wondering why the United States could be engaged in provoking the Russians to attack the US with nuclear weapons. Well, Carolyn has the answer, and it’s one that I’ve seen in other narratives:

It’s all about the phoenix.

Satan’s minions have this obsession with ‘The Phoenix’. Those of you who know about this mythological creature know that the phoenix cannot reproduce unless it dies in a fiery holocaust, and turned to ash. Then, from the ashes rises a new, reborn phoenix.

And THAT is the plan of the New World Order.

They wish to recreate this ‘fiery holocaust’ so that their New World Order can spring afresh from the ashes of the Old World Order. And when they burn down the old world, they are hoping to kill as many Christians as possible possible. They also hope to burn away any thoughts of liberty and personal freedom.

And, those of you with guns?

You’ll go down with the Old World Order, too. It’s not as if a gun can do anything against an EMP weapon.


As heard on The Hagmann Report