by Alicia Powe

The liberal media has been manufacturing crises ad-infinitum to divert the public’s attention away from the Trump administration’s tremendous achievements and the Democratic establishment’s corruption, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh warns.

While Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s damning report proves the FBI colluded with the Hillary campaign to exonerate her in the email investigation, Democrats are bombarding Americans with fabricated propaganda about Trump’s “heartless” immigration policy, which consists of the president enforcing the already established laws, Limbaugh explained Tuesday.

“We are smack dab in the middle of another manufactured media crisis about the supposed ‘Donald Trump, that purposely, wontedly, separates young families who are simply seeking a better life by crossing the border of the United States illegally,” he said. “Trump is the first president, in I don’t know how long, actually enforcing the law. That’s what has everybody so shocked. If you really want to do the humane thing, you stop them from coming, you tell them not to come and when they arrive you turn them away.”

Pro-amnesty Democrats, who are adamantly against building a wall along the US, Mexico border do not sincerely care about the welfare of unaccompanied illegal children or they would support legislation that secures the border and disincentives immigrants from entering the United States illegally, Limbaugh argued.

“If your heart is breaking and if it’s gut-wrenching — this whole idea of separating families — then what you must support is the denial of entry illegally into the country and the deportation. That’s the solution to the problem, don’t come, don’t show up and try to get into the country illegally right now because the president, his administration have made it plain, they are going to enforce the law.”

Rush Limbaugh: Drive-By Media Bombarding Americans With ‘Manufactured Crises’ to Distract from IG Report, Robust Economy (VIDEO)

As heard on The Hagmann Report