Once again, someone in the liberal media has stepped up to show that nothing is sacred. Slate writer Katy Waldman sought to diminish and minimize the heroic actions and selflessness by everyday Americans in Houston during Hurricane Harvey because they don’t represent the true state of American discourse.

“Natural disasters shouldn’t be used for the purpose of national mythmaking,” read Waldman’s subhead.

Part way through the piece, she claimed that her argument wasn’t meant to disregard the life-saving work being down in Houston: “The point here is obviously not to diminish the bighearted men and women who rose to the occasion when Harvey, a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ storm with a spiraling death toll, slammed into Texas.” 

Turns out, though, her thesis did just that and Twitter let Slate know it.

Waldman provided vivid descriptions of all the various acts being done by both first responders and complete strangers to rescue and shelter the tens of thousands who have lost everything.


As heard on The Hagmann Report