Steve Quayle & Author John Price Thursday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Many Biblical scholars and expositors disagree on the ostensible lack of prophetic presence of America in bible prophecy, while others assert that America is Babylon or variations of modern Babylon as described in prophetic revelations. Still others ask why such distinctions are important. The answer exists in some 220 verses of the Bible that describe a nation, other than Israel, that plays a critical role in world events during the times that lead up to the prophetic end times. It is here that Christians need to fully understand the significance of America’s role in the orchestration of events that will impact the United States, its citizens, and the world as prophetic events begin to take shape on a near-daily basis.

In his book titled The End of America, John Price notes that there are 1,239 prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 prophecies in the New Testament, encompassing 8,352 total verses. Considering that the entire Bible contains 31,124 verses, one can easily see that over 25 percent of the Bible is prophecy. Considering that many prophecies have yet to be fulfilled, it is necessary for us to have a proper understanding of the facts and clues contained within these prophecies, including the identity of nations and people.

Looking at the headlines of today, it’s easy to see that America is not just at a crossroads, but has passed the juncture where we have not only forgotten God, but have unceremoniously “deported Him” as a nation and a people. We have “legalized” the wholesale slaughter of innocents, embraced abominations from pornography to homosexuality, and mocked God as a government and people.

The Bible is clear on the fate of such nations. The harbingers exist, and the storm clouds are unmistakable to anyone with any degree of spiritual discernment. We have chosen pride over repentance, sin over sanctity, and lawlessness over the law of God. Based on events that have occurred in America during the last half-century alone, America appears to fulfill aspects of Bible prophecy in a manner that should concern, if not alarm, every Christian citizen of our land.

Join Steve Quayle and John Price tonight as we discuss the prophetic clues within the Bible that identifies America in the end times and the times leading to the prophetic end times. The place that America occupies in Bible prophecy will become clear, and so too will our understanding of our abandonment of Israel and advancement of the Globalist-Islamic-New World Order as prophesied millennia ago.


As heard on The Hagmann Report