With the release of the third in a series of Project Veritas “American Pravda” videos exposing the New York Times, the “newspaper of record” may soon find itself in very real trouble. And while the Times may not be in immediate danger of dying from that exposure, the damage will be hard to simply shake off. Each video so far has been damning when taken alone; when seen together, the damage to what is left of the Times’ credibility is compounded to the point of catastrophe.

The first two videos — which together have over 620,000 views on YouTube even though they were just released last week — started the process of exposing the flagship of the liberal media armada in much the same way that previous Project Veritas videos exposed CNN. As the rollout continues, one has to wonder how much exposure the Times can take.

When Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe turned his focus on CNN this past summer, the exposure was devastating for the premier news network. Undercover video showed CNN producers and commentators admitting that CNN’s reports on alleged connections and collusion between Trump and Russia are “bulls**t,” the whole Russia thing “is just a big nothingburger,” and that CNN practices selective editing to promote a false narrative to American voters who are “stupid as s**t.”

As a result of the exposure caused by those videos. CNN’s ratings tanked. Now that O’Keefe has the Times in his sights, the videos coming out are damning.

The first video — published October 10 — shows Nick Dudich, a Times audience strategy editor — admitting that he manipulates the news to fit his anti-Trump agenda. Dudich — who describes himself as a “gatekeeper” — is seen on undercover video saying, “my voice is on … my imprint is on every video we do” and that objectivity plays no part in that process. In response to a point about being objective, Dudich can be seen and heard saying, “No I’m not, that’s why I’m here.”


As heard on The Hagmann Report