The First American Knocked Down

Ben Franklin, known by his contemporaries as “The First American” toppled over Monday. On May 16th, Boston’s first and oldest portrait statue was blown over by a wind gust for the first time since it was first erected 160 years ago. Franklin was a renaissance man in every sense of the word, inventing devices that would transform the world before the age social justice warriors begin their careers as a protester.

You often hear, “the founding fathers would roll over in their graves” but in this case “the first American was knocked down”. Among the litany of metaphors recently we have yet another and you can bet many more to follow. When we probe deeper into the days between dates, how this connects to Philadelphia and the Pope’s visit along with the book of Revelation, I think you will appreciate the significance behind this peculiar first ever wind gust toppling of BF.

Boston wasn’t close to being the windiest place in New England over the past few days, but conditions Sunday were still blustery enough to knock over the Ben Franklin statue, which has stood in front of Boston’s Old City Hall for more than 150 years.The bronze statue was placed on the original site of Boston Latin (which Franklin attended before dropping out) in 1856. It’s the city’s oldest — and first — portrait statue, and until Sunday, no one thought it would fall.
On Sunday, a tent in nearby courtyard was caught in a gust of wind, blowing into the statue — which wasn’t secured to the base — and knocking it the ground, McDonnell said.“The statue was installed before the building was ever built. There’s no indication that it was ever attached to the base,” McDonnell said. “We also have no record of it ever falling over.”

The first American has fallen in the last days…

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