Twenty-five years ago last month I met Celia Farber for the first time. There was already a buzz about Celia due to her probing investigative reporting on the conduct of the official war on HIV-AIDS. Her monthly column in SPIN magazine, “Words From the Front,” had become essential reading for anyone who wanted to understand what was really going on behind the curtain with “AIDS, Inc.”

While still in her twenties, Celia Farber quickly matured into one of the country’s best writers and journalists. For example, her blockbuster cover story article about O.J. Simpson for Esquire magazine in 1998, “Whistling in the Dark,” is one of the most impressive pieces of reporting that I have ever read.

Celia Ferbaer’s cover story on O.J. Simpson In Esquire, February 1998

One of the many other high points of Celia’s career was her article “Out of Control – AIDS and the corruption of medical science” published in Harper’s Magazine in 2006. Harper’s, a pinnacle of mainstream American journalism which began publishing in 1850, is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the U.S. (Scientific American is five years older but it started out as a 4-page weekly publication.)

”Out of Control” was that rare piece of investigative reporting that touched a deep nerve and quickly became a news story itself. The over-the-top negative reaction of the AIDS Establishment and its handmaidens, the mainstream media, that aimed a virtual kill shot at the article and its author spoke volumes about the power of Medicine, Inc. to target one of its critics who had gotten too close to the truth.

These days, Celia Farber is contributing articles to The Epoch Times. In an article published on June 28, she helped to break wide the now hot story of the #WalkAway [from the Democratic Party] movement.

Celia also maintains an active Twitter account @CeliaFarber and a literary and journalistic Web site, The Truth Barrier, where she posts articles and engages her readers.

An excerpt from her bio at The Truth Barrier:

Celia Farber is a journalist, author, and editor based in New York City, who grew up in Sweden and New York City. Farber has written on a variety of subjects for SPIN, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper’s, Salon, New York Press, and many more. Celia is the daughter of radio legend Barry Farber.

In 2008, Celia Farber won the Semmelweis International Society’s Clean Hands Award For Investigative Journalism.

A few additional links to Celia’s work online.

A selection of Celia Farber’s published articles spanning almost two decades

Discover Magazine republishes Celia’s seminal 1989 article exposing the scandal involving the toxic AIDS drug AZT

Archive of Celia’s articles for The Epoch Times (2014 to the present)

Celia Farber is a contributing editor at The Indicter, a Swedish Human Rights publication founded by Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli. She wrote about the Julian Assange case, based on the details of the Swedish police report.

Interview with Celia Farber in 2006 by Joanne McNeill

Questioning the HIV Hive Mind?: An interview with Celia Farber, long-serving chronicler of HIV dissidents. By Susan Kruglinski October 19, 2006 Discover Magazine

Celia Farber and her work, and other topics, will be discussed during my segment of news and commentary, this week titled “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: It’s Already Here,” Monday August 6, 2018 live on The Hagmann Report from 9-10 PM EDT.



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