In our generation we tend to use language in a way that trivializes concepts that have immense historicity, narrative weight, and conceptual importance. Love is certainly one. The notion of a hero is another. I contend that a properly anti-fragile worldview must contain a heroic self conception. We must view ourselves – at least in part – as heroes engaged in an act of overcoming the hardships and tragedies of life. A balanced and well thought out worldview is absolutely indispensable here, because there are all manner of causes and belief structures where the appeal of being a hero can become warped and perverted in a way that engenders evil. Not all villains see themselves as such.


As heard on The Hagmann Report
Steven Menking is the Senior Editor of On the Objective and the founder of The Amateur Society. He is a Christian economist, commentator, and thinker based in New York City. Prior to being born again in 2014, Steven was an investment banking analyst and an equities trader. He currently works full time as a private tutor and uses his spare time to research, write, podcast, and advance the Kingdom of God. All glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!