Join us for another Biblical discussion of important spiritual principles in partnership with Reliance! With the perspective of a new father, Steven focuses on what needs to take place in order for us to properly disciple the next generation. Like Joshua in Numbers 11, our zeal has been misplaced. Many have fallen into the trap of having an overly narrow focus, prioritizing denominational, eschatological, political, or tactical circumstances over the broader picture of the Kingdom of God. If we are not careful, then the next generation of disciples will have a myopic zeal as well. The harvest is what truly counts in this moment. We hope you enjoy this discussion! The scriptures from this message are found in Numbers 11, Mark 9, and 1 Corinthians 11.

This broadcast was produced in partnership with Prepper Broadcasting Network via a new collaborative effort Reliance: An Exploration of 21st Century Faith


As heard on The Hagmann Report
Steven Menking is the Senior Editor of On the Objective and the founder of The Amateur Society. He is a Christian economist, commentator, and thinker based in New York City. Prior to being born again in 2014, Steven was an investment banking analyst and an equities trader. He currently works full time as a private tutor and uses his spare time to research, write, podcast, and advance the Kingdom of God. All glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!