Welcome back On the Objective as your host Steven Menking sits down again with Ray Gano to discuss Last Days Warrior Summit, Ray’s new initiative to bring digital only conferences to the body of Christ on a variety of topics beginning right now with Patriots and Prophecy. This novel format will allow Christians to avail themselves of premium, exclusive content from over a dozen speakers without having to pay for transportation to a conference venue. Thanks again for joining us On the Objective!

Ray Gano

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Steven Menking is the Senior Editor of On the Objective and the founder of The Amateur Society. He is a Christian economist, commentator, and thinker based in New York City. Prior to being born again in 2014, Steven was an investment banking analyst and an equities trader. He currently works full time as a private tutor and uses his spare time to research, write, podcast, and advance the Kingdom of God. All glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!