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Hour 1 Guests: Gary Heavin & Steve Quayle

Gary Heavin, producer of the hit movie AmeriGeddon and US businessman has been providing relief efforts to the victims of the January 12, 2010 Haitian earthquake. He has spent millions of his own money and risked his life to provide aid and supplies to the twice-victimized Haitians – once from a natural disaster, and the second time by the UN and the Clinton Foundation.
Join Steve Quayle and Gary Heavin as they discuss the herculean efforts being provided to the people of Haiti, and hear real-life accounts of the present-day situation facing many in Haiti.

Hour 2 Guest: Brittany Pettibone: Separate fact from fiction and hyperbole with Brittany Pettibone, a writer and citizen journalist who has performed extensive research into what has become known as “Pizzagate.”

In the frenzied lead-up to the electoral demolition of Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, Wikileaks dropped 650,000 emails into the blogosphere.  Within 24 hours, citizen journalists divvied up the enormous data dump and began searching.  At first, no one knew exactly what they were searching for, but in this writer’s opinion, God inspired those hungry for the truth with the discernment necessary to begin noticing codified patterns of unusual vocabulary that seemed starkly out of place in political communiques.  Why, in a vicious, hotly contested election season, were upper echelon individuals of dubious character so concerned about food?  Or handkerchiefs?  Or pizza parties?  The FBI provided the Rosetta Stone that unlocked a lexicon of horrors that heretofore most reasonable human beings could scarcely imagine.

The direct translation of normally innocuous words like: pizza, pasta, cheese, sauce, handkerchiefs and even walnuts, when deciphered utilizing FBI reports on various pedophilia busts, indicated that bigtime players worldwide are raping, sodomizing and torturing little kids and even infants.  This is difficult to write and I will state this for the record: I personally hate every aspect of dealing with this explosive internet travesty and I despise spending the time and emotional energy that investigating this Satanic criminality requires.  Nonetheless there are times when an issue must be dealt with and dealt with severely.  Pizzagate is not only that issue for this moment in our nation’s history, as the myriad aspects of such heinous acts surface from the US, UK, Norway and Haiti, one realizes that Pizzagate is the most tragic global cover-up of all time.


It gets worse.  Tonight, on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, father/son investigative team, Doug and Joe Hagmann welcome frontline Pizzagate investigator, Brittany Pettibone on board to bring every one of you up to speed on just how great the magnitude of child sex trafficking is in the world today.  This interview is mandatory for all remnant Christians, all Americans and frankly all decent human beings.  Why? Because as this story develops we are receiving updates hourly from all over the world that indicate there is, in addition to child rape, sacrificial murder, bloodletting and baby butchery happening in DC, New York, Hollywood and London.  There are sick, perverted reprobates who are preparing for their journey into eternal death and fire by sexually torturing, mentally and emotionally destroying and in many cases, dismembering the defenseless.  Any human being who is not jolted from their cognitive dissonance, any man or woman who is not choking back tears, adrenaline or vomit upon learning of the catastrophe that is Pizzagate is deceived by Lucifer.  Period.  Are you okay with this?  Because at The Hagmann Report we are not okay with it.  We are going to stand against this, eyeball to eyeball and fight; we will war in the spirit realm and we will war in the terrestrial if necessary.  This cannot and will not stand.

Join us tonight at 7:00pm EST by simply clicking Hagmann and Hagmann.  Our guest is Brittany Pettibone, hot off the Infowars mic and a one-woman force recon in the Satanic battle for our children. 

This story is developing.  Updates will be provided on this evening’s program.

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