Millie Weaver in her documentary Shadow Gate

Here are links to primary sources and more from my appearance on The Hagmann Report, Friday, August 21, 2020 during the first hour.

Millie Weaver interviewed on The Hagmann Report, July 3, 2020

Video of Peter Barry Chowka on The Hagmann Report Aug 18, 2020 The Truth about Millie Weaver’s arrest

InfoWars’ Millie Weaver, boyfriend and brother threw mother to the ground and took her cellphone, police report says
Updated Aug 18, 2020; Posted Aug 17, 2020

Millie Weaver indictment

Millie Weave: Ohio Arrest Related to Altercation With Her Mother, Court Docs Show

Tore and Millie Weaver live video show 8-20-2020

Minna and Millie Weaver – Performance Reel
A montage of a variety of Minna and Millie’s recent performances of there [sic] single “Hollywood Here We Come.”
Uploaded on Jun 20, 2011

Sunrise Movement slams Nancy Pelosi for endorsing Joe Kennedy’s primary challenge against incumbent Ed Markey BOSTON GLOBE
[Millie Weaver has been exposing the Sunrise Movement]
The House speaker’s move has stirred a firestorm of criticism from some Markey supporters — though not the senator himself — alleging a “double standard.”

War Room Pandemic podcast Friday Episodes 345 & 346: Steve Bannon returns on fire after his arrest yesterday
Friday Aug. 21 episodes 345/346: 2-hour YouTube video

Plandemic Indoctrination – film

Professor Giuseppe Tritto, an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, says that the China Virus definitely wasn’t a freak of nature that happened to cross the species barrier from bat to man.
LIFESITE NEWS Mon Aug 10, 2020

Ascorbate as Prophylaxis and Therapy for COVID-19—Update From Shanghai and U.S. Medical Institutions

The COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport?
Posted bysparrowpancakeganymede31683 August 10, 2020

Over 60 Portland 911 calls go unheeded overnight as police respond to riot
Calls about theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hit and runs, and burglary were put on hold
Fox News Aug. 16, 2020

Governor of Maine Orders Restaurant Staff to Wear COVID Visors Like Dog Cones
“Must now wear them upside down so that they are attached at the collar instead of the forehead.”
Paul Joseph Watson August 20, 2020


As heard on The Hagmann Report