APRIL 1, 2019 – a day commonly known as April Fools’ Day. The events of this day in the year 2019 seem like they could be fake when you think about it. If anyone had told you five or ten years ago that we’d be going through this kind of stuff now – no one would have thought it possible. I am reminded of what the late conservative radio talk show host Bob Grant said during almost every one of his programs: “It’s sick out there, and getting sicker.”

We have just endured 2 ½ years of insinuation, allegation, and investigation aimed at President Donald J. Trump and his associates – actually, investigations plural, with the Mueller probe being the most extensive.

Now – after the initial report eight days ago that Mueller and his boys found NO COLLUSION – there is a new tack, a full scale attack on United States Attorney General William Barr and the Deptartment of Justice as surrogates for the target the Left and the Deep State just can’t let go of: President Donald Trump.

All of a sudden, Barr – known as a “Bushie” – is supposed to be a Trump partisan even though he probably didn’t vote for Trump.

He’s like another Bushite – Bush the younger’s Atty. General Mukasy, and Bush, Jr’s chief speechwriter Marc Thiessen, both of whom have stepped forward to defend President Trump in the face of the unprecedented coup d’etat that has been aimed at him since before he took office.

Essentially we’ve now entered into a lawless Banana Republic stage. As I have been writing and commenting for the past two years here and elsewhere, crime is no longer punished from the streets to the suites – With people like Jessie Smollett on the one end, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Comey, et al on the other.

The Left can’t accept the Mueller findings. They’re now pivoting to corruption. “From collusion to corruption.”

Subpoenas went out today from Rep. Nadler (D-NY) to Barr and the DOJ. The Democrats in the House want the full un-redacted Mueller Report by tomorrow, Tuesday April 2.

In fact, they want Attorney General Barr to break the law and provide the full un-redacted report to the Congress which would violate the law by revealing secret grand jury testimony and findings and potentially identifying people who have not been charged with a crime or indicted but are cited in the report. The Democrats are also demanding all the supporting documents and grand jury testimony which amounts to millions of documents,

As Alan Dershowitz and Andrew Napolitano point out, the Mueller Report and the documents are one-sided, unlike a trial, where a defense can be presented. They are only the prosecution’s side of the case.

What we are seeing employed in all of these sleazy maneuvers is a classic Alinskyite tactic: named for the late radical Chicago community activist Saul Alinsky, the political mentor to both Hillary Clinton and Obama. The tactic: Identify and freeze your enemy target: in this case, Donald J Trump.

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