This is in my hometown – we are on this. The Hagmann Report is a subsidiary of Hagmann Investigative Servvices, Inc., a private investigative firm that has been in business for the past 35 years. There’s more here than is being reported. The Hagmann Report has sent a communication to President Trump’s legal team offering to make available a team of licensed investigators in northwestern Pennsylvania to assist them – setting aside all other business.

Excerpted from The Washington Times: A Pennsylvania mail carrier has said in a sworn affidavit that he was ordered by supervisors to collect and submit late ballots, which he said supervisors then backdated so that they appeared to have been mailed in time.

Richard Hopkins, who lives in Erie, said he overheard a supervisor talking about the backdating operation, and letter carriers were told to pick up ballots through Friday, even though under Pennsylvania’s current rules ballots were supposed to have been mailed by Tuesday, though they could be delivered to election officials through Friday and still be counted.

“Postmaster Rob Weisenbach directed my co-workers and I to pick up ballots after Election Day and provide them to him,” Mr. Hopkins said in an affidavit. “As discussed more fully below, I heard Weisenbach tell a supervisor at my office that Weisenbach was back-dating the postmarks on the ballots to make it appear as though the ballots had been collected on November 3, 2020 despite them in fact being collected on November 4 and possibly later.”

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