The Babylon Code, written by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson is the number one selling prophecy book in the world according to Amazon. It explains the intricacies of the frequently cited new world order that is really not new at all, but a recreation of the old world order that began at Babylon. It provides necessary insight into the plans, plots and schemes of the Luciferian agenda that was initiated, in its present iteration, on the plains of Shinar that extend into the events we are seeing play out on the world stage today.

When we combine the agenda unveiled in The Babylon Code with the information provided by Paul Mcguire’s book A Prophecy of the Future of America, we begin to understand the context of seemingly disparate events taking place across the world today that have been birthed, in large part, by key figures, policies and plans hatched and developed within a corrupted and captured American system and exported worldwide.

Like The Babylon Code that reveals the foundations of a globalist Luciferian agenda, A Prophecy of the Future of America exposes the plans and players of the most influential people and groups who are orchestrating current events from the West. Although both works stand-alone quite suitably, the amalgamation of revelations forms the basis for a greater understanding of the big picture relative to Biblical prophecy.

No person of reasonable intellect and sensibilities can deny that we are bearing witness to pivotal events taking place at an alarming speed inside the United States, the Middle East and worldwide. Accordingly, one must keep pace to maintain an accurate understanding of the fight in which we are presently immersed, and the fight that exists just ahead. We have been commanded to be alert and aware of the times. Our position requires us to be informed to avoid being deceived, to be alert to avoid being taken by surprise, and to be prepared to avoid being subjugated by a system of darkness.

America is in need of a great awakening. Specifically, the Christians in America are in need of both an intellectual and spiritual awakening. The latter almost always follows the former, for it is knowledge that will break the bonds of spiritual captivity. Knowledge acts as a force multiplier in the process of breaking the state of paralysis currently experienced by the church and the remnant body.

To that end, Paul McGuire is releasing A Prophecy of the Future of America 2016-2017, which provides the necessary context to understand the current and future implications of the ever-changing landscape of domestic and geopolitical events. His new work not merely informs, but provides vital instructions for the remnant church to survive the rampant deception that is already claiming so many unwitting Christians. What has diluted all of the so-called Christian revivals in recent decades is that Evangelical Christians rejected the intellectual and rational dimensions of true revival which our Founding Fathers did not, like Edwards.

Make no mistake; the globalists are constantly reinforcing their objectives and accelerating their plans using all available means, from technology, political processes and social perversions. They are constantly refining their techniques to enslave as many people as possible, while the church in America remains in state of paralysis.  When people understand what is happening and the insidious methods being employed in all areas of our existence, they will be more intellectually and spiritually equipped to reclaim out nation for Jesus Christ, for however long the Lord grants us, and ignite a powerful Biblical revival that will produce a spiritual Great Awakening and an intellectual Great Awakening.

This, however, is not about false optimism or false hope. This is about the power of God descending upon the Remnant with spiritual force. It is about the power of God to awaken the intellect and understanding of His people. It is about power being given to the remnant to drive back the powers of darkness in a way they may never have thought possible, and to bring down the “architecture of evil” that has enveloped this nation.

States Paul McGuire, “All across this nation and within this remnant, there will be massive and incredible spiritual victories as God begins to do among His people beyond what they could ask or think.  We are entering a season of incredible spiritual engagement with the powers of darkness, but the supernatural power of God is going to bring about great victories along with miraculous intervention on a scale we have never known before.  The remnant is about to experience a boldness, supernatural joy, faith and power they have never known.”

“Through the fires of revival, God is going to birth a new generation of believers that we have not seen since the First Great Awakening.  God’s people are going to recapture territory on all levels that will produce true hope, true optimism and a new Christian counter-culture that will spread across the earth. All of this will come with an intense unexpectedness, but only if God’s people really lay hold of Him.”

“Yes, the spiritual battle will rage and ordinary Christians will be tempted to give into fear, but the it is God who is raising up a Remnant that will bring forth the reality of a vision from the Throne Room of God that goes way beyond “holding down the fort” to establishing new territory and taking new land.”

“On every level, we are going to see God move with powerful deliverance and protection for His people. If God’s people will lay hold of Him by faith and repent, the Lord is not going to allow His people, the Remnant, to be taken into captivity.  It is the Remnant who will be taking back lands.”

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