Optical dissonance is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as…nothing.

That is because I made it up last night.  As the two words imply, optical dissonance is the visual nephew of cognitive dissonance.  It’s a Robbersonism for “Did you see that?!”, followed by “I’m not sure I buy this.”

In all seriousness optical dissonance is the disconnect between what you are looking at versus what you are seeing.

I submit the following two hypotheses:
often it is within this disconnect that the truth of a story lies and secondly, you as a citizen with a smart phone are well armed to smash optical dissonance and thus pulverize fake news.

Since that early April day in 2014 when the entire awakened world watched legally armed citizens in cowboy hats and blue jeans stand their ground against dubious Federal Agents just a few hundred yards off of Highway 15 in Bunkerville, Nevada, we have been pummeled with and scrambled by strange footage, or in modern parlance, optics.

But you must remember that you only witnessed that historic moment if you were viewing Infowars, broadcasting with David Knight via U Stream.  Those tense seconds in that dusty draw were representative of citizen journalism in its infancy and at its finest.

I chose the Bunkerville stand-off to define what the recent election of 45th President, Donald J Trump demonstrated: the internet is crushing the MSM into our future generations’ oil reserves!  Megan Kelly and NBC, along with all of her ilk are going the way of Jurassic Park.

Were we all chatting at a conference, I would ask a round table question: name a profound moment or new narrative ignition where the optics simply did not match the story.

9/11, Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon and more recently, last night’s horrific story out of Chicago; what we are viewing compared to what we are being told often do not jibe.

Let’s reflect momentarily on the plethora of Hillary Clinton rallies and the video-graphic anomalies that voter after voter posted to social media.  Were green screens and CGI employed?  If so, how could her coterie of snowflake criminals possible be expected to remain silent?

History shows us that disposition often yields profoundly positive repositioning.  Consider the last great European land battle of World War Two, The Battle of the Bulge.  During the first several confusing days of the surprise mechanized German offensive, launched days before Christmas, 1944, newspapers around the world noted the geographic salient or “bulge” in the Allies’ frontline.  On a map it looked grim.  But Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces, General Dwight D Eisenhower said the following “Now that they have come out of hiding, we can effectively annilliate them.”

This is exactly what each of us must do in order to not only combat the optical dissonance of fake news, but to kill it.

Your presence at a news worthy event, along with an iPhone or Droid, loaded with U Stream or Periscope, makes you the Journalist on the scene.  With a couple of finger swipes, a free app and steady hand, you have the power to prove the veracity of real news and subsequently lay waste to the ludicrous notion of fake news.

Join myself, Jon Robberson, and host of The Hagmann Report, Douglas J Hagmann this evening at 7:00pm EST for a casual, but well defined conversation about bringing new levels of  honesty to digital media.

We do not have a fleet of news vans.  We do not have racks of six figure cameras.  But we have each of you.  And you wouldn’t be here if you were not in a perpetual passionate search for the truth.

That honesty is carried in the back pockets or purses of more people on earth than not.  2017 must be the year of identifying optical dissonance and answering the confusion with the greatest public forum in the history of humanity and a smart phone.

As heard on The Hagmann Report