Last week, much of the discussion at The Hagmann Report centered around Christians who either don’t vote or intend to vote for Joe Biden. A column published late last month by author David Kupelian, who has appeared as a guest on The Hagmann Report in February 2017 (Segment HERE), wrote an “Open Letter to Christians Who Don’t Plan to Vote for Trump.” Mr. Kupelian, author of The Snapping of the American Mind, wrote an exception piece about those Christians who are not voting, citing, in part, the “lesser of the two evils.”   Excerpted:

“Trump is not a perfect person. Neither am I and neither are you. Get over it.

Friends, we are blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. Our forefathers came here at tremendous risk to life and limb to establish a free Christian nation and many died in the process. I’m not asking you to risk your life – just to vote. And you need to vote for the presidential and vice-presidential candidates who will champion life and not death; freedom and not socialist totalitarianism; traditional values and not progressive-left “there-are-100-different-genders” sexual anarchy; freedom of speech and religion, not censorship and “cancel culture”; Rev. Martin Luther King’s vision of a color-blind society and not Black Lives Matter’s vision of revenge, destruction and revolution.

Life is full of tough decisions. Voting in 2020 is not one of them.”

Please read the entire letter at WND HERE.

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