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Tuesday, August 16, 2022



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Only the Truth Can Prepare You for the Coming Lie

By Doug Hagmann

The above headline is actually a quote from Steve Quayle from the video True Legends, The Unholy See. Those ten words quickly cut to the proverbial bottom line and summarizes the big picture that we see developing in front of us today.

What is being referenced here is the largest of all pictures, not merely a portion of pixels that frequently consume the general populace. Analysis and commentaries of the current U.S. domestic political landscape are plentiful, as are analyses and reports on the global geopolitical situation. One must look much deeper, however, to gain a true understanding of not just what is taking place, but the motives behind it all. Only then and only from a wider and deeper perspective does it all begin to make sense.

Those who occupy the highest seats of power or perhaps better stated, those who possess the ability to influence, whether within our own government or in other countries, are pushing a very specific hidden agenda that is specifically designed to control and even guide the official narrative away from the truth. It is this same influence that has been busily revising history that is intended to support a seemingly bullet-proof albeit false conclusion; a conclusion that will forever change the political and religious landscape of the world as we know it.

Such discussion is usually limited to the pejoratively named alternative media, or otherwise considered too far out of the mainstream to be considered rational. We are told that such talk is only entertained by paranoid persons who are a few doses behind on their antipsychotic medication. Admittedly and sadly, that is too frequently true.

The above preface was necessary to provide a general overview of the current field of play for the countless numbers who are just beginning to wake up and see that everything is not what it appears. We seem to be at a critical moment in history on numerous fronts, from the political to the geopolitical. More people than ever before appear to be paying attention –  at least those are not willing hostages to their personal electronic devices or otherwise intellectually victimized by the deliberate social engineering designed to keep our eyes off of the big picture.

So what is the big picture? What are we being prepared for on the largest of all scales? A great deception having as its objective the unification of mankind under a single system of governance, economy and religion. Obviously.

Before you dismiss the obvious as impossible or laugh at such prospects, especially considering the current worldwide animus among men and governments, different religions and their factions, I ask that you think bigger and beyond whatever you think (or have been told) is taking place. If that is the objective of those behind the agenda, what would be needed to convince mankind to abandon their lifelong beliefs and their understanding of history? Evidence, and plenty of it.

Evidence that is supported and made bullet-proof by science and history. Evidence that when it is introduced at trial, would be convincing enough to sway a unanimous verdict by a jury of your peers. Evidence that is able to withstand close scrutiny and aggressive cross-examination. Evidence that will convince the most skeptical of us. Evidence, however, that is manufactured from the most effective of lies and woven into an intricate tapestry of deception.

When presented, this evidence will be sufficient to convince most that much of what they have believed is a lie itself. For example, the tenets of all monotheistic religions will be “proven” incorrect based on iron-clad scientific findings literally supported by recent archaeological and celestial discoveries. Yes, there is a god but he or it is not exactly what we’ve been taught.

For Christians, there will be proof that Jesus did exist and did indeed walk the earth as memorialized in the Christian Bible, but there will be important caveats brought forth that will assail His divinity. The same corrupted evidence will impact Islam and Judaism. The disclosure of findings, whether emanating from the earth or the skies, and whether rooted in antiquity or exist more contemporaneously, will be authenticated by scientists and legitimized by religious leaders worldwide, deceiving, if possible, “the very elect.”

Unholy See

The most dangerous aspect of the coming deception is that many people of faith, particularly the Christian faith, will succumb to the lie. Those who do not succumb or conform will be outcasts, for the evidence will do much to point to their newly antiquated beliefs.

So how can we best prepare not to be deceived?

While the answers clearly exist in the Holy Bible, the evidence, in its true and uncorrupted form, exists both on earth and in the heavens. The best evidence is that which has not been contaminated or corrupted, or used to spin a false narrative. It is the evidence that when viewed through the Word of the one true God withstands the harshest of all tests. We must look at the evidence before the spin of man and the agenda of the globalists, who are busily and carefully working to convince an already gullible populace.

By exposing the evidence and further exposing the playbook of those who control it, we are now able to expose the lie. We are able to reveal not just the elements that will be deceptively introduced as evidence, but also uncover the methods employed by these masters of deception that will be used to deceive the multitudes.

The evidence uncovered by Steve Quayle is significant and most relevant to the headlines of today. His books as well as his latest video with Timothy Alberino, True Legends, The UnHoly See  document our current headlines. To fight the deception, we must arm ourselves with the truth. As so eloquently stated by Steve Quayle: “Only the truth can prepare you for the coming Lie.”

The Coming Disclosure of Giants, Aliens and Creatures that Go Bump in the Night

Slowly and methodically, the masters of deception are preparing the public for a massive disclosure that will cause many to abandon their faith in God and succumb to a false religion based on discoveries confirmed by science and legitimized by religious leaders.

We see it in the headlines of today, where the Vatican is playing a significant role in changing the perspective of people so they will accept a doctrine of deception. NASA is also front and center on this orchestrated deception. World leaders and globalists, facilitated by the media are pushing a false and corrupt narrative.

Steve Quayle has been at the forefront in this war that has been raging to keep the truth hidden from the public. History and historical artifacts holds many clues that will serve to reveal not just our history, but elements of the coming deception.

The “giants” of Genesis, fallen angels, and other entities are not mere subject matter of fairy tales and grimoires, but are historical fact. Evidence that has been hidden by the curators beholden to the orchestrators of deception is now being exposed for all to see. Such evidence will not be found in the Smithsonian or its international counterparts, for they are controlling the narrative.

The possibilities of advanced and more refined life forms existing in space will soon be linked to such antiquities and by validated by religious leaders to rewrite history and map out a dangerously demonic future.

Join Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight as they go beyond True Legends, the Unholy See with current headlines that will expose the machinations of the globalists. You will be surprised how far they advanced their agenda of deception within the last few months alone.

We are being set-up for a grand deception that is intent on changing all of mankind, our history, and especially our future.

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