“Jade Helm is a manifestation of a new direction for America and the U.S. military. It will play a role in fulfilling the Bible prophecy of the End Time Beast.” –Nathan Leal, Watchman’s Cry

26 June 2015:  No analysis of Jade Helm 15 and its components would be complete without putting it in proper context with biblical prophecy.

Since the military exercise known as Jade Helm 15 was first disclosed, Christian watchman and Bible expositor Nathan Leal has been conducting extensive research into the operation, its masters, origins and intent against the backdrop of Bible prophecy. Nathan Leal has spent months locating, reading and analyzing numerous military, law enforcement, and other related documents. He was the first to publicly dissect not just the operation itself, but the ramifications of this exercise to all American citizens, with particular emphasis on patriots, constitutionalists, and specifically Christians.

It would be difficult if not impossible to attempt to understand what is taking place regarding the “exercise” without the overlay of a Christian worldview. Secular analysis of these events could be and have been done, but such analyses leave a gaping void of contextual understanding. Mr. Leal fills in the void that provides Christians a greater understanding of not just the military operation, but the necessary and more contextually accurate “big picture” of events.

Creating and defining the enemy

Heavily cited among patriots, constitutionalists, and advocates for traditional American values upon which America was founded (as delineated in the Mayflower Compact) is the redefinition of America’s enemies. Although many might feel that this change in the identification of “enemies of the state” was abrupt and caught many off-guard, the change was nefariously subtle, arriving incrementally over years and decades. Today, we now find ourselves behind enemy lines, having been identified as belligerents and combatants by a totalitarian regime and its facilitators of all political ideologies.

It is necessary to consider Jade Helm 15 in the context of the above, for without the larger context it is merely an event without lasting consequence. Through this wide-angle lens we must view Jade Helm 15 and all seemingly unrelated events, for America has become a captured operation. It has been captured from within by dark forces that are at war with our Christian heritage, foundation and beliefs. It is within this context, as detailed by Nathan Leal and Steve Quayle on our January 22, 2015 broadcast, that we must view and analyze Jade Helm 15, as well as the complete militarization and mobilization of forces that will be used to subjugate Christians into compliance… wherever possible.

Christians in the Cross hairs

Every Christian living in America and spiritually attuned to the Word of God can feel the increasing oppression against true Bible believing Christians. The war against Christians is not coming… it’s already here. Soon, it will be considered a hate crime to preach and teach the true Word of God rather than the “prosperity gospel” promoted by many of the mega-churches and pastors. Obedience, repentance and adherence to the Word of God have already become archaic and intolerant among many Christians. This is clearly illustrated by many self-proclaimed Christians who are embracing homosexual marriage under the pretext of tolerance, changing the meaning of Romans, chapter 13, and holding an overall non-biblical worldview.

Such division among Christians is being exploited to advance global governance, a new world order under the oppressive boot of Communist and Satanic forces.

Unless and until we understand the bigger picture, the true meaning of Jade Helm 15 will not be understood. Nathan Leal has adeptly connected the spiritual and tangible dots to create the most accurate picture of what we currently face.

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Equally if not even more importantly, Mr. Leal has been providing us with biblically sound instruction and inspiration, for what we are seeing and experiencing has been prophesied. He will help us understand what we must do when we don’t know what to do in these daunting times.

Tune in tonight as we complete our dot-connecting exercise, connecting seemingly disparate events that will create a picture that was sketched over two thousand years ago – and remains very much alive within the Holy Bible in prophecy.

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