Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton, The White House, during their affair circa 1996

The seven-part examination of the scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton on the Fox News Channel’s new series Scandalous continues on Sunday evening Feb. 18th with Episode 5, titled “The Whole. . . And Nothing But.”

The new episode continues the chronological exploration in 1998 of the allegations against President Bill Clinton that resulted in his impeachment by the House of Representatives and trial in the Senate in 1999. Ultimately, Clinton was acquitted of all charges after votes were taken in the Senate.

Part 4 last Sunday, which replays on Fox News on Sunday February 18 at 7 P.M. E.T., right before the premiere of Episode 5, was especially riveting. It was a fresh reminder, after the passage of two decades during which memories of these events have largely faded (or have likely never been processed at all by people under the age of 35 or 40 today) of the serious illegal acts committed by President Clinton, including obstruction of justice, perjury in grand jury testimony, subornation of perjury (by another witness), and bribing a witness.

Defenders of the Clintons have long maintained – and with most people’s memories fading, this false meme has tended to carry the day – that Bill Clinton’s “crimes” were little more than engaging in a consensual sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky was 27 years younger than the president at the time of their affair. Whatever else happened as a result of their dalliance and Clinton’s attempts to cover it up, it was – then and now – a classic no-no in the workplace.

Instead of a nothingburger, Bill Clinton’s actions constituted serious illegalities and certainly merited his impeachment. Whether or not he should have been convicted and removed from office is a question the viewer will be left to decide.

As I have written previously, parts 1-4 of Scandalous, and presumably the remaining parts 5-7, represent a serious, balanced, fresh, and very compelling effort to revisit a major news event of 20 years ago that consumed the news media and the nation’s political dialogue for a period of 13 months. While television and film documentaries about President Richard Nixon’s “impeachment” (in reality, Nixon was never impeached; he resigned before a vote in the House to impeach him could be taken) are numerous, nothing that I can recall until Scandalous has ever been done on the subject of Clinton’s actual impeachment.

This exploration of the subject is long overdue. It is especially relevant in 2018 with many Democrats on record promoting the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump – with few if any references being made to the nation’s last impeachment, of their fellow Democrat President Clinton. Prior to Clinton’s impeachment, the only other time a U.S. president was impeached was 130 years earlier when President Andrew Johnson was tried in the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors. He avoided conviction by a single vote margin.

Scandalous has been a ratings success for Fox News since Episode 1 premiered last month. According to TVNewser, which reports the Nielsen Research television ratings, part 4 last Sunday was the highest rated program on the three major cable TV news channels that day, handily beating CNN’s 2-part premiere of its new six-hour series on Patty Hearst by a wide margin in total viewers and by one ratings point in the demo.








Below is the news release about the upcoming Episode 5 of Scandalous, with links to video clips, provided on February 15th by Fox News.

This weekend on the fifth installment of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Scandalous (Sundays at 8PM/ET), the show will spotlight then-President Bill Clinton as he testifies before the grand jury regarding an “improper physical relationship” with then-White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Taking place in 1998, Scandalous will focus on the reaction from the American people, along with the effect the testimony had on those closest to him. A piece of evidence, “the blue dress” is brought to light and after months of investigation from then-Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr, the “Starr Report” is delivered to Congress. The episode will feature Ken Starr, former United States civil servant Linda Tripp, former Deputy Independent Counsel Robert Bittman and more.   

Clip 1:

Former Deputy Independent Counsel, Robert Bittman:  

This was a pivotal moment for all of us because you have the principal witness, against the President of the United States.”

Forrer Associate Independent Counsel, Stephen J. Binhak:

As part of that agreement the office required her to do two things. One, come in and have an interview and tell the truth. The second was to produce the dress.

Clip 2:  

Former Deputy Independent Counsel, Solomon L. Wisenberg:

We are only going to answer certain things. If you try and get us to do more, we will fight you to the nine.”

Former Independent Counsel, Ken Starr:

My reaction was, this is one great defense lawyer, but we have a job to do.”

Former Deputy Independent Counsel, Robert Bittman:

By the time we went in and spoke to the president, we had a lot of information. The picture that we had, was not a pretty one.”

Clip 3:

Former Independent Counsel, Ken Starr:

Our charter from the Attorney General said, he’d adjourn whether a perjury was committed and possibly other offenses as well. So, the blue dress was simply one part of the evidence that tended to point in that direction.”

Former Associate Independent Counsel, Stephen J. Binhak:

It was going to prove one way or another, the end of the case.”

Former Deputy Independent Counsel, Hickman Ewing:

There it is, its hanging up on a coat hanger in the conference room. Everybody is going down there seeing if they can see the little white stain on it.”

Former Associate Independent Counsel, Stephen J. Binhak:

If the president’s genetic material was on that dress, there would be no denying that the president had not been telling the truth to the point. And, if was something else we were going to look like major idiots.”

Clip 4:

Former Conneticut Senator, Joe Lieberman (D):

I was heartbroken, I supposed I should also add I was angry at him because he had already shown extraordinary skills as a president. I was one of his earliest supporters. I felt like I was one of his strongest supporters, yet he had done something totally unacceptable.”

National Public Radio, Mara Liasson:

I do remember talking to Mike McCurry on that day and finding out from him that Hillary had just been told.  Every reporter who talked to Mike that day was just dumbfounded, what do you mean she didn’t know before?”

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