Thursday July 13, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann Report…

7:00pm EDT Show host, 30 year veteran investigator and author, Douglas J Hagmann delivers the Hagmann Executive Summary.  This will be a nightly monologue that will serve to set the tone of the show, cover the top of the news (and if we’re lucky) perhaps blow out a classic Doug Hagmann rant.

7:15pm EDT  Welcome return guest Alicia Powe.  We think Alicia is THE rising star at World Net Daily.  She is planning to come in and hang out with the fellows and cover news, analysis and commentary from her point of view and as an investigative journalist with our new partner, WND.

Welcome World Net Daily return guest Alicia Powe.  The DNC should be squirming in their war room right now figuring out how they are going to “clown car” investigative journalists like Alicia with fake news, because her work at WND continues to blast a big bright beam of real journalism into the alleys and caverns of the deep state.

Alicia Powe is an investigative reporter with World Net Daily. She has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center, Townhall, Daily Surge and YoungCons.
She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She is a New York, NY native and currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area. Follow Alicia on Twitter @Alicia_Powe.

Peter Barry Chowka is an investigative journalist with over four decades of experience reporting on national politics, the media, popular culture, and alternative medicine. Along the way he has exposed a number of serious cover-ups and broken major stories that have made national news.

Peter began his career in Washington, D.C. as a student journalist. He covered Presidential primaries and campaigns, events on Capitol Hill including the Watergate Hearings, massive anti-war demonstrations and the activities of the New Left, and several Presidential Press Conferences at the White House.

Peter is also the coauthor of a must-read in the cancer field of research and clinical diagnoses as well as case histories, Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose of the Cancer Establishment.

Starting in the mids-1970s, Peter came to specialize in reporting on the corruption of the “Medical-Industrial Complex” – a description of the dominant system of health care that his work helped people to understand – and the promise of natural alternative therapies. Over the next several decades he wrote hundreds of articles about alternative medicine and interviewed most of the leaders in the field, from Nobel Prize winning scientists to grassroots healers. Peter’s expertise was recognized by the National Institutes of Health which appointed him to two of the first program advisory panels of the federal government’s new Office of Alternative Medicine in 1992.

In 2015, after the death of his long time friend Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, Peter wrote several articles about the brilliant and crusading New York City physician who was noted for curing people with late stage cancers using exclusively natural therapies. In 2016, Peter’s definitive article about the life and work of Dr. Gonzalez was published in a peer review Medline-indexed medical journal.

Recently, Peter has returned to his first love – political reporting – and has contributed several score articles to the respected conservative publication American Thinker. In May of 2017, Peter contributed three articles on the history, the present problems with, and the possible future of the Fox News channel.

Tonight, in his first third appearance on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Peter will share his insights with Doug and Joe about what is happening over at Fox News and why, including the impact of the Seth Rich murder case.  But we have Peter for a full hour so we will get into health care,  the DC swamp and an analysis of how 45th President Donald J Trump is doing as we close in on six months of his presidency.

9:00pm EDT  Welcome debut guest Chris Gaubatz.

The Hagmann Report are honored to welcome Chris Gaubatz into the studio for what is certain to be a good old fashioned barn burner.

As the son of a career Air Force OSI Special Agent, Chris Gaubatz grew up in England, Korea, California, and Utah, and today calls southwest Virginia home.

Chris worked for several Fortune 500 companies conducting fraud investigations and asset protection, as well as insurance sales.

In 2007, Chris began researching the threat of jihadi organizations in the United States by posing as a Muslim convert and attending Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas conferences gaining access as an intern with the Hamas organization Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Virginia.

While working at the CAIR MD/VA office, Chris uncovered a fraud scheme being perpetrated by CAIR’s “immigration attorney” who was defrauding Muslims in the community and lying about handling their immigration proceedings. In fact, CAIR’s “immigration attorney” was not even a licensed attorney. When that office was shut down by CAIR in an effort to conceal this criminal activity, Chris was invited by Hamas/CAIR leaders to work at their headquarters office in Washington, D.C.

During his time there, Chris obtained over 12,000 pages of documents from Hamas/CAIR and over 300 hours of covert audio/video recordings.

The entire story is featured in the book Muslim Mafia authored by investigative journalist Paul Sperry and Dave Gaubatz (Chris’ Father).


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