Talk about a bad day to be a member of the liberal media. Licking their wounds from White House official Stephen Miller sparing with the press corps on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Deadline: White House denounced Miller as the kid who probably got bullied in school while his words were filled with “xenophobia” and nothing but “white identity politics.”

Host and failed McCain campaign official Nicolle Wallace was speaking to White House correspondent Kristen Welker at the top of the show when she slammed the briefing with Miller as the “shining object of the day” using “some weird mix of xenophobia and reporter bombast.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Eli Stokols was on the same wavelength as the liberal Wallace. Less than 10 minutes later, he displayed no regard for the partisanship of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi over the years when he stated that the Trump White House is “okay if this country remains divided.”

As for Miller and the RAISE Act proposed on Wednesday, Stokols lashed out against the bill as if he were a Democratic Congressman:

As heard on The Hagmann Report