MSNBC journalists immediately derided Donald Trump’s address to the nation about the government shutdown as a “scam” speech and dismissed real-world examples of crime by illegals as “immigrant crime stuff.” Live coverage host Rachel Maddow scoffed, “The President’s speech was a litany of scare stories of immigrants being terrible criminals who are coming into the United States to rape and murder Americans, essentially in the President telling, for pleasure because it’s in their nature.”

Analyst Nicolle Wallace mocked, “But the big scam of the whole address was that there is a crisis. There is not a crisis.” The co-hosts seemed irritated at having to even discuss actual horror stories, such as the Air Force veteran who was sexually assaulted and murdered. Hayes snapped, “You know, beheading and rape and it’s awful stuff to hear. There is genuinely horrific things that have happened but to conflict them with the 12 million people living here is a kind of incitement that’s pretty ugly.”