Apparently, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle isn’t aware that American presidents call and congratulate world leaders upon winning, even if those victories are disputed or if the individual involved has bad ideas, weird ideas or un-American beliefs. On Wednesday, the host bashed Donald Trump for congratulating Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro. This, apparently, is a coded message to the “far right.”

Ruhle warned, “President Trump publicly congratulated Brazil’s far, far right populist candidate Jair Bolsonaro who was just elected as Brazil’s president.” She added, “I invite our audience to look into President Trump’s support of Bolsonaro of Brazil. The average person reading the President’s tweets probably don’t realize what the President of Brazil represents.”

Then came the through-the-looking-glass conspiracy theories: “But you know who realizes what he represents? People in the far right who are homophobic, who are against equality. When they see the president say something like that, it’s a dog whistle where he says, ‘I’m on your team.’”