Hi! God bless you! My name is JD and Jesus is my Lord & Savior!


I hope and pray that He is yours too!!!

I was 11 years old-ish when I gave my life to Jesus. It was a cold summer afternoon on a beach in Rhode Island when my aunt told me and my older brother about Jesus and the coming battle with the antichrist. She said that He was the only Son of God and that God sent Him to come to die for our sins…to pay our debt so that we could go to Heaven and be with the Father.

I vividly remember her telling us that accepting His free gift was the ONLY way to escape the fiery pits of Hell.

It seemed like such a good deal that I accepted the offer and asked the Good Lord into my heart right then and there.

To this day, I still cannot understand people’s resistance to accepting this most amazing of gifts! I don’t know about you, but I am a person who needed a Savior!

I am not proud to say that my walk with the Lord was a perfect one. In fact, as soon as girls entered the picture, I went on the run-off and on-like the prodigal son and hid out in the dark belly of Jonah’s whale…for decades.

However, in the midst of my bouts of unfaithfulness, I did manage to do a bunch of missionary stints in Papua New Guinea and built some houses, planted some gardens and had some wonderful fellowship. During that time the Lord put a missionary heart in me. He showed me the futility of earthly riches and the beauty of a simple, Jesus-centered lifestyle. To date, this was the greatest experience of my life and I hope and pray to that the Lord that He opens doors for me to live communally with Christians again on this side of eternity.

I will be writing more about  my missionary adventures and those that are potentially up and coming. There is lots to do and not enough time!

I also did some traveling to places unexplainable…which changed my life forever, because it changed my Biblical outlook. Suddenly, I needed to have an explanation for these megaliths and it needed to be from the Bible. That’s when Genesis chapter 3 and 6 really come to life…when you are standing in awe of places like Macchu Picchu…in person.

Let’s fast forward through a decade+ of 15 knee operations (yes, fifteen), 3 colleges and lots of prodigal son living…to the morning of September 11th…

A series of events that one could only surmise as being ordained and directed by the good Lord above…from losing my job on the previous Friday…to attending a matchup at Yankee Stadium with my hometown Red Sox that never was…led me to the frontline of what would later become known as Ground Zero…with my camera.

I was there as God’s witness on that fateful morning.

That’s Fulton Street, and the building on the left was adjacent to the one where I was staying.

After I heard the low-flying plane and heard the first crash…I grabbed my camera and hit the street to see the building on fire. People on the street were saying that it was a Cessna and that the pilot must have had a heart attack. I have flown a Cessna…and I knew immediately that it was not a Cessna. For those of you who don’t know, a Cessna would have crumpled up like a tin can and bounced off…barely breaking the glass.

I hustled down the street and stood on the corner right next to St. Paul’s Church. The leaves you see in the foreground are from the infamous Sycamore tree in Jonathan Cahn’s, “The Harbinger”.

I am certain that you can imagine the atmosphere of terror that the people on the street were feeling. The only sounds coming from the onlookers were hushed gasps and hysterical screams when the jumpers would leap to their deaths.

Then it became clear that this was no Cessna with a pilot in cardio-malfunction…

That’s a piece of steel that came flying out of the explosion and almost hit me…Debris was raining down and hitting the people whose gaze was transfixed on the burning tower and jumping victims…until they suddenly realized that explosion from the plane that just slammed into the building was heading our way…and started to run.

It was a terrible sight.

The magnitude of the event sunk in as we walked away from Ground Zero…

And a few steps later…BAM! The building came down.

This was the only part of the day when I thought I was going to die…

I got caught outside when day was turned to night in a moment.

Thankfully, I was pulled into a restaurant and escaped the toxic cloud of death dust and debris.

As unbelievable an experience as that was to witness firsthand, it was what transpired the year before that is noteworthy of writing about.

You see, without my even understanding what was happening, the Lord gave me a vision of the catastrophe a year before the event took place.

He used my hands to create an image with Photoshop…almost a year prior to the attacks…

I had visited New York City in the winter of 2000 and had taken photographs of the city skyline from the Jersey side. Sometime in the next few months there had been an eclipse and it inspired me to play around with graphic design and a new version of Photoshop that I wanted to test drive. My Christian faith emerged somewhere in the creative process and the images of lightning and eclipses brought my mind to the day when Jesus returns for His Bride, the Church.

Shortly after I graduated from photography school in December of 2000, I moved to Brooklyn with a childhood friend. I hit the ground running and got a job at a local printing press. One cool thing about working at a print shop is that there is usually free space at the end of print runs for you to print whatever you want, size permitting. We would print anything and everything from CD covers to business cards… It truly was awesome.

The subway was my main method of transportation and if you have ever been in the subways of NYC you know that people evangelize and hand out literature. I noticed that the stuff the people were handing out were little booklets and I thought that I could do it better by keeping it short and sweet with a business card sized message.

So I took the provocative graphic that I had created and had it printed…months prior to the attacks…and I even gave a bunch of them to my old pastor up in New Hampshire…months and months before the attacks…

Here is the card with the verses the Lord had me put on it…

Needless to say, I was completely overwhelmed by the experiences.

And instead of embracing God and what He was trying to do in my life, I tried to ignore Him and I did whatever I could to block my hearing ears from His calling voice.

Until last year…

Some scary things happened and I decided to let God do what He does with as little interference from me as possible. (This is a daily battle of tug of war with Him, I must admit.) I abandoned all my earthly pursuits and went into monk-mode. It started with a bootcamp like regiment of Bible study and prayer each and every morning… No excuses permitted.

Not ever…

This has been the catalyst that led to many other changes.

Eventually-after washing in the Word enough-I shut the TV off, pretty much altogether…which has been the best decision besides the accepting of Jesus of Nazareth as my Lord and Savior.

TV is evil for me…maybe not for you…but for me it is. I get addicted and lose weeks and months and years…

Don’t get me wrong. I still have tons of media input into my life. It’s just that it’s not demonic anymore, and when it is, I recognize it immediately.

Bottom line…the old saying is 100% true: Garbage in… Garbage out.

My mission for the last two years has been to do nothing other than get my heart into a place where it was working out my salvation with fear and trembling. I had become complacent in my walk with the Lord.

I had lost the fear of the Lord and He sent me a all-too-deserved chin-check.

To be blunt, He told me that soon I would stand before Him and to imagine the magnitude of that moment…

Why don’t you try it? Shut your eyes and imagine the moment just after you take your last breath…

Imagine the moment when you will be standing before The Living God… and He either says, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” or “Depart from me. I never knew you.”

If you actually just did that, then, if you are anything like me, you got a little nervous… It still makes me nervous.

And if you didn’t… Be afraid… and get on your knees and cry out to God for a tender heart…people are perishing and that breaks our Father’s Heart.

It should break yours too.

If it doesn’t… Be afraid… that is a sure sign of a hardened heart and the only way to sort that out is to cry out to the Father for mercy.

You see, the end isn’t near as some would have you believe…

The end is actually here… NOW… Unfolding in front of those with eyes to see…

Do you have eyes to see?

The time for being a lukewarm Christian has long since passed.

It is now time to abandon all earthly dreams and aspirations and focus on the things eternal.

It is time to quit constructing your temporary kingdom here on this planet. It is doomed to burn up in the fire.

There is only enough time left to be about the Lord’s business…

Get oil in your lamp and keep oil in your lamp… And then tell everyone within earshot to do the same.


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May you let His will be done in your lives & May you be about His business!

God bless you all.


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