Tonight, Tuesday December 20,2016, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is loaded with raw data and new information that is crucial to survivability in an uncertain climate.

Uncertain climate?  Yes, uncertain climate.  Do not kid yourself about the era of President Elect Trump magically ushering in a neo-Reagan prosperity parade.

Well, gee Jon, that’s awfully glass-half-empty don’t you think?

Yes.  The sentiment floats somewhere between cautiously pessimistic and very cautiously optimistic.  Why?  Because if Donald J Trump fails to drain the swamp he will consign himself into the who’s who of immensely popular single term presidents who should’ve stuck with peanut farming or running the CIA.

Therein lies conundrum number one for our 45th President.  If Mr. Trump drains the swamp too quickly, two unfortunate problems are imminent.  First, the fetid funk recedes and exposes bodies that no one remembers except whoever deposited them.  Can we all agree, that skates far too close to a JFK scenario?  Secondly, if the Trump Administration drains the swamp overnight, all of the bureaucratic boats that may be distasteful, but make the trains run on time, will be mired in fifty years of mud.  Can’t do that either.

Conundrum number two; and this one’s the mothership.  Trump is best known as a titan  real estate developer, erecting glass and stone in rough and tumble markets like New York City.  For close to five decades, Donald Trump has balanced overhead vs the bottom line.  Investment vs return.  Pig tail light bulbs vs incandescent.

On January 20, 2017, Mr Trump enters 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue with a $20,000,000,000,000.00 price tag hanging over his head.  Don’t feel bad for our new Chief Executive; that $20 trillion hangs over your head too.  And your kids.  Grandkids.  Great grandkids etc…  In fact, any first year entrepreneur knows that with a deficit of such magnitude, a debt that is literally a financial time bomb, no competent CEO/CFO can ignore a $700 billion annual outlay in interest dutifully paid to the Federal Reserve.


Yep.  The American taxpayer forks over three quarters of a trillion dollars to a Luciferian global banking cartel. A band of devils who duped the voters back in 1913.  It was easier back then.  Less than 25% of the electorate had electricity. So Trump will face the following: revert the power of the printing press back to the Department of the Treasury before he even picks up a red pencil.  Or Trump ignores a huge chunk of overhead, throws the red pencil out the window and counts the days until 2020.

Tonight at 7:00PM founder and host of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Mr Douglas J Hagmann will let spittle fly as we lambaste the mic and scream into Tuesday.

Hour one: Doug will present news and commentary as well as highlight a new piece by Gregg Jackson, available at the Hagmann Report. Be sure to check out Doug’s new article posted today, as well.

Also in hour one, Independent Correspondent, Andrew Kerr will check in to update us on how Media Matters is shuffling around seven figure slush money to God-knows-who.

Hour Two: Do you have any clue how to treat a compound fracture?  A gunshot wound?  Abscessed tooth?  What about shock?  Or food fatigue?  Without a pharmacy and a chemical rainbow of options, what can we do to mitigate depression in a time of great national distress?  Any ideas on how you would deliver a baby?  At home?  And what about this stuff we hear about fish antibiotics?  Do fish take Cipro?  I would like to personally and warmly welcome Patriot Nurse to her debut appearance on the Hagmann Report.  Folks, Patriot Nurse (and yes, we know her real name) has a special place in my heart.

In my personal awakening process, her extensive library of YouTube videos not only educated me regarding medical and health issues in challenging times; she covers all kinds of relevant topics from guns to post-SHTF safe sex.  On behalf of Team Hagmann and myself, we are seriously stoked that Patriot Nurse has been so generous and agreed to spend an hour with Doug Hagmann, you, and I.

And in hour three: please join me in welcoming back to the Hagmann mic, longtime compadre of all that is Hagmann, Mr Stan Deyo.  This evening Stan will cover..well, to be honest I have no idea, but with Stan, you know its going to be good.

If you skip tonight and the Soros machine takes your head to hell and your wallet to the cleaners, well, we tried to warn you.  If, God forbid, you find yourself in a mid 19th Century medical situation and you are staring at your booboo kit from Walmart, again, Patriot Nurse has exactly what you need for your most important prep: knowledge.  And stick arond for Stan Deyo as we missed him last week and anticipate new data from the Deyo file.

See you at 7:00pm.  Head on a swivel.  Keep your powder dry.  And I’m just going to say it one more time, you are going to love Patriot Nurse; she’s a no nonsense prepper rock star.

As heard on The Hagmann Report
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