You know what it’s like when you’ve put an enormous amount of time, energy and effort into making your dream a reality. You’ve put your heart into it, you’ve focused on it, fantasized about it, lived it, breathed it.

Then, one day, you are told the answer is no. The prize has been stolen from you. You are reeling. It’s even difficult to breathe for a moment or two. You recover slightly, but move through the rest of the day in a daze.

This is what members of the mainstream media experienced when the Senate Intelligence Committee announced on Tuesday they had found no direct evidence that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

Their reactions were exactly what you would expect them to be.

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance wins the prize for the most creative response. (segment starts at 2:45 in the above video.)

Mainstream Media Can’t Quite Accept Senate Committee’s Verdict of ‘No Russian Collusion’

As heard on The Hagmann Report