A Louisiana school board president drew criticism Wednesday for his response to a video that shows a female teacher being forcibly removed from a school board meeting after questioning the school superintendent’s pay raise.

The video shows middle school teacher Deyshia Hargrave being handcuffed and led out of the building Monday night. Critics have called out the teacher’s removal, saying it was unnecessary.

“Everybody wants to side on the poor little woman who got thrown out,” Anthony Fontana, the Vermilion Parish School Board president, told WAFB in a phone interview. “Well, she made a choice. She could have walked out and nothing would have happened.”

Fontana said the public’s reaction to the video has been swift. But he drew criticism himself for his reaction to the video.

In the video, Hargrave makes the case that children learn in the classroom, and it is the teachers who are on the front line. She is soon led out of the meeting by a marshal, and the video cuts to show Hargrave on a hallway floor, screaming as the marshal handcuffs her hands behind her back.


As heard on The Hagmann Report