LGBTQ students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian private school in Southern California, now demand that the school end its support of traditional marriage and its disapproval of same-sex relationships on campus; basically, end their support of biblical morality.

According to The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the demands come as a result of a deeply unfortunate allegation of harassment on behalf of Mahesh Pradhan, a line cook at the school who claims to have faced verbal abuse and harassment by students and employees.

“There have been moments where I used to walk on eggshells just being on campus,” said Pradhan. “I told them that I am not gay, but what’s wrong with being gay or being straight? Why do you need to label people?”

Pradhan is now suing Azusa Pacific for the abuse, wrongful demotion and infliction of emotional distress. All allegations have been denied by the university, according to APU spokeswoman Rachel White.

“We value and respect our employees and we do not condone harassment,” White said. “It’s completely against who we are as a university community.”

Arthur Kim, an attorney representing Pradhan, said his client had been called “faggot” several times interspersed with instances of physical assault.