This report has nothing to do with geopolitics or the state of our economy. It has nothing to do with current events or with the sorry state of the world. Instead, it has everything to do with loyalty and love, both of which seem to be in short supply these days, even among friends and families. I certainly can attest to that.

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. I’ll second that from my own personal experience.

I’ve learn a lot from my “relationships” with various dogs over the years. They’ve all been rescue dogs, although their ages and the circumstances behind their “rescues” were all different. Yet, it seems that they have all been very grateful for the permanent, stable and happy home that my family provided.

Holly and King adopted us in 2001 and 2005 respectively, and grew close to each other as their time with us overlapped. Holly passed away first, then King, the “iconic” dog – the figure shown in our logo. We were lucky to have them as family members for as long as we did. Now, our “studio dog” Lady is taking up the reins as our loyal and loving protector, friend and confidant. A bit camera shy, you might occasionally see her making a cameo appearance in studio during our show.

For inspiration and lessons that can (and should) be learned, please CLICK HERE to visit this uplifting page of accounts of the “Love Beyond Belief, Loyalty Beyond Measure.

PS: We love our listeners to send in pictures of their dogs – we have a special board in our studio of their pictures.

Also – thanks Gunner (Gregg Jackson) for your picture, the latest submission we received!

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