Las Vegas And Paris – Cities of Light

By on December 21, 2015

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

In America’s City of Lights or Las Vegas, a crazy person slams into a sea of pedestrians in front of the Paris Hotel. Fingerprints from another dimension are plastered everywhere. 38 (11) days after the Paris attacks where eleven 11’s manifest (311 days after Charlie Hebdo) followed the next day by a train crash in France that killed 11. 3 days after the train crash an Air France flight 65 (11) an Airbus 380 (11) was diverted to Salt Lake City where 11% of the population is 65 (11) or older. The tallest visible mountain is 11,330 feet and the city is 110 square miles. Remember, the CMP 11 or UN Climate Conference in Paris just concluded on December 11, lasting 11 days. There is a lot more to this and I’ve included the links for those who are new.


The content of this article will not make sense if you are late to the party. It is not my intent to lose anyone but I’d rather not repeat the basics for my regular readers. Though I desire for everyone to understand all that is going on, it has become a challenge to bring the significance of each event to the understanding of the new reader. If you have not followed any of the previous stuff related to the #11 or Paris please read the 3 posts below before proceeding.




Paris Hotel Las Vegas – Paris, France

11 days before the final day of The Year of Light or “Anno Lucis” – “Year of Lucifer”  a crash killing 1 and injuring 37 (38 or 3+8=11) outside of Paris Hotel in Las Vegas takes place 38 (11) days after the 11’s of Paris. Paris is known as City of Lights and Las Vegas’ secondary nickname is City of Lights. Probably a coincidence right? Some of these accounts say 33 taken to hospitals as well.

The initial call for help came at 6:38 PM according to local authorities. Thewinter solstice takes place the following day in Las Vegas at 8:49 PM. 1 day, 2 hours and 11 minutes from the first 911 call.

There were believed to be a total of 37 people injured in the crash, police said. Twelve victims were taken to Sunrise Medical Center, 11 to University Medical Center and 3 to Spring Valley ABC

At least one person was killed and 37 others injured near the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on Sunday night, authorities said. CNN

NBC KSNV News 3 ✔ @News3LV
#BREAKING Metro Police confirming in presser that 37 injured so far and 1 confirmed dead.
10:45 PM – 20 Dec 2015

U/D: Unified Command now advising there is 33 patients from the auto vs crowd incident

As heard on The Hagmann Report