The tradition of the presidential turkey pardoning every Thanksgiving should be a light-hearted, fun event devoid of politics. But because of the media’s hatred for President Trump, even this pastime has been turned into a political gripe fest. As Trump carried out the annual holiday tradition, cracking jokes along the way as presidents before him have done, journalists took to Twitter to complain about anything and everything they could think to about the pardon, showcasing their inability to take a joke, for even a moment.

MSNBC AM Joy host and self-proclaimed member of the #Resistance against Trump, complained that she can’t enjoy these events anymore with Trump in the White House:

Twitter – Joy Reid Gotta say these traditions — the turkey pardon, and other cutesy things presidents do — are lost to the ether for me when Trump performs them. The legal, ethical and moral clouds over his presidency are like a film on the camera lens.

While others used the pardon to make cheap shots against Trump.

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