What an amazing time we live in! We were born for such a time as this! Alex Jones of Infowars.com is using his platform to glorify Jesus while he prayed for Donald Trump. His broadcast goes out to millions worldwide.

That’s AWESOME! Even Alex Jones is boldly proclaiming his faith for the world to see!

Now, whether you like DonaldTrump or hate Donald Trump, God is using him for His own purposes…NOT YOURS. You better get on board with that and pray that the Father’s will would be done in ALL OF OUR LIVES.

Time is short and there’s no time for arguing with who the Father has chosen to be on the world stage. If you take the time to read Revelation, you will see that our Heavenly Father has everything under control.

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Ask yourself this question…Would you rather pray and turn it all over to our Father and let Him handle it? Or do you want to stay mad and second guess the Father’s choice for such a time as this?

The choice is yours.

So…please, take a second to watch this quick video and pray for Donald Trump. He is the one who has been chosen to potentially lead us and his race isn’t finished.

And you never know…he might just get born again and be the instrument that the Father uses to usher in the last trump…trump-bible-facebook


As heard on The Hagmann Report