Steve Quayle & Steve Rocco St. Angelo tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Silver is the most reflective metal on earth. It is perhaps not by coincidence, then, that it also serves to reflect the state of geopolitical affairs. Experienced observation and analysis of the trends related to precious metals and silver in particular, makes it possible to see through the “silver lining” of the clouds of deception and manipulation to gain valuable insight into coming world events. It is this insight that the globalists do not want you to see, for once seen, it cannot be unseen. Once understood, the lies of the globalists – the Luciferian power elite – become ineffective.

We are living in Biblically prophetic times. The world stage is being readied for a battle that will touch everyone and everything, and forever change life as we know it. Yet we are constantly being told, and even reassured by our leaders and their media mouthpieces that life is good; the economy is strong, the stock market is at record highs, unemployment is down, and the world is much safer today than in recent history. Sadly, there are people who, for whatever reason, choose to believe these lies. Often, they are the same people who publicly denounce the ownership of precious metals in favor of the Wall Street matrix.

It gets even worse. There are many Christian conservatives, pastors and preachers who denounce the ownership of precious metals as somehow being un-Biblical. You’ve heard them. They frequently and erroneously cite scripture where gold and silver will be cast into the streets – worthless, taking the passage out of the context of time and future events. Such scriptural misapplication is often accompanied by the mantra, “you can’t eat gold” or “you cannot eat silver.” While this is true, it is a red-herring that effectively diverts people away from the biblical truths about stewardship.

As we are living in biblically prophetic times, it is important to note that the ownership of gold and silver are often compared to spiritual wealth within the bible. It is quite telling that precious metals are referenced in the bible and regarded as noble and rare, durable yet malleable. Gold appears 417 times in the Holy Bible, and silver 320 times [KJV]. Its value is referenced not just in the physical, but also in the spiritual.

Therefore, it is imperative that we all understand that the manipulation of silver, from price to availability and import to export exceeds mere forensic criminality. It involves spiritual deception at multiple levels, and impairs our insight into coming world events. Perhaps it can be said that such deception “tarnishes” biblical prophecy and clouds our reality. Such is the nature of the Luciferian globalists.

This broadcast will help Christians understand exactly what is taking place in the world and the reasons behind the manipulation of the metals market. Again, it goes far beyond the theft of capital. It is the wholesale larceny of truth.

Guests Steve Quayle of and Renaissance Precious Metals, and Steve Rocco St. Angelo – the man behind the SRSrocco Report will tear through the silver lining to bring important information about events unfolding on the world stage.

It was over a decade ago that Steve Quayle openly discussed the teaming of Russia and China against the U.S. and the West. Despite the immediate mockery, Steve stuck to his assertions that the stage was being set for the Gog and Magog war detailed in biblical prophecy. Today, we are seeing that alliance form before our very eyes, and watching as currency wars are ushering in real wars.

Referencing Steve Rocco St. Angelo, Steve Quayle states that “I pay attention to what he writes,” as he is far ahead of 99% of all other analysts.

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