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Tuesday, August 16, 2022



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How America Could Restore Constitutional 3 Branch Government & The Rule of Law Virtually Overnight

By Gregg Jackson

28 September 2015: Many are celebrating The Governor of Texas’ recently issued exemption for Christians whose religious conscience won’t allow them to take part in so called same-sex unions.

Ironically, in his statement, Republican Governor Abbott acknowledges that the Obergefell opinion isn’t law and doesn’t trump the 1st Amendment. But what he flagrantly failed to mention was that the immoral, illegal and unconstitutional Obergefell opinion (that there is a supposed Constitutional right to so-called same-sex marriage) is not “the law of the land” and doesn’t trump or invalidate, in any way, the Texas marriage statutes, Texas Constitution and God’s Immutable and Infallible Word (which ALL define marriage as the exclusive union of one man and one woman).

Allowing marriage licenses to be illegally altered and issued to same-sex couples in Texas is not a “victory for religious liberty.”

It’s a massive defeat for the Constitutional Rule of Law and what remains of our Republican form of Civil Government.

If Americans truly want to restore Constitutional Checks and Balances and the Rule of Law, we must demolish the toxic liberal lie of Judicial Supremacy (that Rule of Judges equals the Rule of Law) which I believe has the best chance of occurring at the state level where governors can (and must) reject/ignore legally null and void SC opinions such as Obergefell, Windsor and Roe in accordance with their sworn constitutional oaths.

Here is what Governor Abbott of Texas should have said to protect religious liberty and the rule of law