This morning I checked out Scott Adams blog. In case you don’t know who he is…he’s the creator of the wildly popular and long-running comic strip series, “Dilbert”.

I have taken notice of him ever since I saw him do an early morning appearance on a news show where he proceeded to blow my mind about Trump’s persuasion techniques. After looking into him a bit more I realized that he is spot on with most of his assessments of the climate we all find ourselves living in presently.

I highly recommend checking his stuff out.

His post this morning was spot on as per usual, but as I was reading it I had an interesting idea, whether it was from the Father of not is for you to decide. I know where it came from : )

Anyway, check it out the excerpt below and take notice that I put (Christianity) in there, not Scott Adams. He is purely speaking of radical Islam and ISIS in this instance.

I believe it’s the playbook for what’s about to happen to the true believers of Christianity in America.




The Wall Around ISIS by Scott Adams

Here’s how you kill an idea:

Step one: Quarantine the idea. (Christianity) (Build a wall around it.)

Step two: Remove all digital communications from the area. (Christianity)

Step three: Remove any foreign press in the zone so there are no witnesses to war crimes. (Christianity)

Step four: Depopulate the Caliphate (Christianity) over time by removing trusted women and children and killing everyone else. I don’t recommend any of this, by the way. I’m only predicting it will happen, as I have since 2003. If you have been watching my Trump-related predictions, you might recognize that I used the same filter – persuasion – to predict the rise of the caliphate and the eventual walling-off.

If you take a purely military approach to ISIS (Christianity), you never kill the idea that is at its core. You might even strengthen it. Persuasion is the only weapon that can make a difference. And to persuade, first you must control the conversation. You can only do that by physically and digitally quarantining the entire Caliphate (Christianity). Otherwise there will always be too much idea-leakage.

We also need persuasion tools to deter crazy loners from self-radicalizing. But that’s a separate persuasion process. The most important strategy involves blocking all communication into and out of the ISIS Caliphate (Christianity). Once you brand ISIS (Christianity) as a loser – by totally controlling the stories coming from that zone – you can mop up the self-radicalizers over time.

That’s how you kill an idea virus as strong as ISIS (Christianity). There really isn’t any other option. I believe most trained persuaders would agree.

So there you have it. That’s the plan. There is only one true way to prepare for the coming calamity and persecution; PRAYPARE.

As heard on The Hagmann Report