April 6, 2016

Has CERN Opened Up Massive Portals From Antarctica Across The Planet Or ‘Distanced Itself From Satan’? What Are These Anomalies Recently Caught On MIMIC?


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Over the past few days alone, 3 stories have come out on the websites of The Wall Street Journal, International Business Times and Newser that show the operators of CERN have kicked damage control into high gear ahead of them opening a portal to other dimensions, seeking secrets of the universe or maybe opening the ‘gates of hell’.

The Wall Street Journal Story is called “CERN Is Seeking Secrets Of The Universe, Or Maybe Opening The Portals Of Hell” and in it we’re told the operators of the large hadron collider are gearing up to battle the conspiracy theorists. The story over atInternational Business Times shared more warnings of ‘conspiracy theorists’ that the LHC could open another dimension and unleash forces of darkness while over at Newser we’re told that CERN has ‘officially distanced itself from Satan’.

While there have been countless reports all across the alternative media about CERN over the past several years and particularly the past several weeks since CERN was fired up again back in March, we find it quite interesting that CERN itself is now attempting to ‘debunk’ many of these ‘conspiracy theories’, including this ‘distancing itself from Satan’. Considering several different anomalies that we have been witnessing lately, including the total-globe anomaly as seen in the screenshot above from MIMIC which is also discussed in the 1st video below from MrMBB333 which he describes as the largest anomaly he’s ever seen, we have to wonder if we’re watching CERN energy at play.  Read More

As heard on The Hagmann Report