Watching Hillary Clinton finally collapse, in spite of a well orchestrated cover-up of her dire health issues, begs the question, “What do all of her co-conspirators have to gain by dragging her failing corpse across an electoral finish line?” Then again, perhaps the better question is, “What do they have to lose if they don’t?”

Floating like a test balloon is a new theory that Hillary, faced with the overwhelming evidence of the nation’s universal distrust and unmitigated disdain, unwilling to be globally humiliated by a Trump landslide that even the greatest forces of the MSM are unable to hide, has faked this medical melt down as a ‘Plan B’ to throw the 2016 election into a Constitutional crisis. If such a diversion, real or faked, fails, if no matter what Hillary pulls Trump prevails, there will not be enough nooses hanging from enough trees in D.C. to dispatch the traitors among us and ‘they’ know it.

Digressing, what would be an appropriate punishment for people who have conspired to force the entire world into a One World Totalitarian régime? The death toll of this conspiracy is currently in the millions. Under the Obama – Clinton rogue collaboration, whole nations and regions have been attacked and overthrown under specious excuses and outright propaganda to gain control over resources and geographical advantage, resulting in the accumulation of wealth and power funneled into the hands of an elite cabal.

The death, suffering, impoverishment, displacement and unmitigated despair of millions of people who have been the victims of this conspiracy are inconsequential to these soulless curs. There is simply no price too high for others to pay for their demonic agenda to subjugate the entire world.

There is only one obstacle left in the way, and by no means inconsequential; America. The groundwork for her demise was laid decades ago. In recent years the fraudulently placed Obama, along with other collaborators like the Bush’s and Clinton’s were ‘installed’ on assignment, the overthrow of our nation.

It has been understood that America would never be conquered from without. No, America was a fortress of virtue, patriotism, and nobility that could never be brought low by military might. A people so in love with their God, Country, Liberty and unity are simply undefeatable. But just as in the Garden of Eden only an insidious creature could slither its way in, America has been infiltrated with these traitors like snakes.

The useful idiots seduced by these traitors have infiltrated every government office and agency, every seminary and college campus, every courtroom, every network, entertainment, and sporting venue.

Like snakes they have poisoned our churches, culture, and civility with lying accusations that have perpetrated distrust and hatred on economic, racial, and social fault lines.

They have captured our free minds and thoughts in prisons of political correctness, guardians of a faux ‘tolerance’. Jesus warned that in The Last Days there would come such a deception, that if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived.

We are living in that day, and as such, we are sensing the real and present danger that others have described as “An Extinction Level Event”. We can see the amassing forces of Good vs Evil.

By God’s great grace and mercy there has been something of a great awakening. The reckless, clumsy, and unmitigated hubris of George Soros and other Globalist traitors, extorting and/or blackmailing every branch of our government, have alarmed even the most unconscious among us, leaving a powdered fuse which an equally reckless exhorter of truth, Donald Trump, has ignited.

When We the People heard the unapologetic reality finally spoken out loud with such brazen confidence it was absolutely intoxication and addicting. The genie is out, and there is no way, short of violence and force, to put it back in that bottle. What took decades of mental messaging to disarm a fiercely independent people has been decimated within the last 12 months. This, in small measure, explains the danger we are in.

The Globalists, Communists, Illuminists, whatever you may call them, have not spent the last 60 years, in particular, amassing power and risking detection which would, and should, cost them more than their liberty, but their very lives, just to hand back the reins because of an unfortunate election result.

The assassination of President Kennedy by our own CIA and intergovernmental collaborators was the beginning of America’s end. What else would you call a conspiracy so broad and deadly in scope that thousands got away with it? Has every President since then been paid a ‘friendly’ visit by the CIA to remind them who is really in charge or else? Was Reagan saddled with that treasonous cretin, George H.W. Bush, because the assassination of an ‘outsider’ had worked so well the first time that they knew how to put one of them back in the driver’s seat?

There can be no doubt that the unseen hand is protecting those who protect it. What else could explain the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administration’s immunity and impunity? The thought of an awakened America being led by a bare knuckled pugilist like Donald J Trump has them soiling their pants. Be forewarned and forearmed, they will not take it lying down.

As heard on The Hagmann Report
I am a wife of 30 years and mother of 4. I was raised by fiercely independent Christian Conservative Constitutionalists. In 2009 I was the Republican Nominee for the 99th District of Virginia. I was sandbagged by the Republican Party, attacked, defamed, and removed from their website, and still nearly won against every odd. I am honored to have been, and continue to be, a part of the great awakening of this generation in the battle for the heart and soul of America.