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Ted & Austin Broer – Healthmasters – on the increasing clampdowns on our freedoms.

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January 6. 2021

CLIP 1: Jan 6 Looks Like An Intelligence Operation  Rumble R/T=8:50 Darren Beatie Revolver News

Vax vs UnVaxxed

CLIP 2: The Covid Stranglehold Tightens Its Grip Banned.Video 

 CLIP 3: De Blasio announces first-in-the-nation policy requiring COVID vaccination for indoor activities…


CLIP 3: See video from this page: https://patriots.win/p/12jd0GBZyz/yuge-canadian-court-victory-prov/c/

Of Note:

Dr. Mercola- Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours YouTube – R/T=5:30

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Natural News Page

CLIP 1: CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen says ‘it’s time’ for Vaccine mandates

CLIP 2: Cuomo asks businesses to go to ‘vaccine only admission’

CLIP 3: The Voluntary Phase is Over!

CLIP 4: Australia: Australian Government Begins Army Patrols to Keep Citizens in Lockdown Until Next Year

CLIP 5: VIDEO: Head of Baylor Medical School Confirms Covid-19 Vaccine is Deadly


CLIP A: Map Shows Areas Of Potential Election Fraud In Every State

CLIP B: AZ Senate Responds With Fire To Maricopa County Refusing To Comply With Subpoenas

IMAGE: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Maricopa-County-Board-of-Supervisors-2.jpg


CLIP 6: Dems Ignore Covid Crisis At The Border – Up 900%

Hour 2: Richard Proctor –The Provis Institute;TO CONTACT Richard Proctor & schedule a FREE session, pleaseCLICK HERE.We need to organize and arm up.

Previous day’s notes/Links of Interest:

CLIP 1: Swine Flu – 60 Minutes


CLIP 2: Mike Lindell Having The Real Re-Run Of The 2020 Election

Vax – Endgame

CLIP 1: Biden says considering vaccine mandate for federal workers

CLIP 2: Bill de Blasio — ‘We tried voluntary Vaccines… the voluntary phase is over.”

CLIP 3: Vaccine Passport Is The End Of Liberty

CLIP 4: Mike Adams interviewing John Moore


CLIP 5: Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces Lawsuit Against Nancy Pelosi

CLIP 3: UN Setting Up Massive Internment Camp System For The Unvaccinated

1/6 – State Sponsored Terrorism

CLIP 4: Americans Are Being Subjected To A Gitmo Predicate – Rumble Darren Beatie

CLIP 6: Marjorie Taylor Greene Going To DOJ Today Demanding Answers

Assault on American Education – CRT

CLIP 5: The Marxist Assault On The American Family

Children – Currency of the Globalists

CLIP A:  Children are Currency for Demonic Globalist Predators


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