Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin is trying to make a comeback, after she posed holding the bloody, severed head of our president in a magazine spread, earned her criticism from both the left and right back in May. A few days later Griffin offered a teary apology, that was part remorse, part pity-party and she was quickly shuffled out of the media spotlight. Now Griffin is hoping to capitalize on the scandal she caused, basing a large part of her comedy tour off the incident.

Monday and Tuesday Griffin made the rounds on Australian talk shows to promote the tour and completely backtrack from her clearly insincere apology.

On the Channel 10 Program The Project Monday, Griffin flippantly laughed off the media’s response to the photo as “complete BS” saying she was “excited” to tell her story around the world about “Nazi” Trump:

PETER HELLIAR, HOST: How long after the Trump controversy, did the comedienne part of your brain think, ‘I think there might be a show in this’?”

KATHY GRIFFIN: Two days. So there was a firestorm, I apologized, and then looking at all the behavior on the behalf of ‘the Cheeto’, I call him the accidental president, because he’s not supposed to be the president, it was an accident, he lost by a very large margin, and now we’re screwed. So in light of all the things that have happened pre, but especially since the photo, I realized that the outrage about my little photo was complete BS, and you know, whats happening to me is actually something I’m excited to take and tell around the world. I’m looking forward to exposing all the details about the story and the investigation, and that the idea that we have this insane, possibly Nazi, I’m going to go with Nazi-esque president in the White House, I mean there’s not two sides to Nazis let me just clear that up, and he’s going to come for me using taxpayer dollars, because I shamed him, ‘Oh he was shamed by a girl!’ [makes crying motion] Look I think I need to take him down globally, one joke at a time.


As heard on The Hagmann Report