During a debate about how important it was to listen to the views of average Trump voters on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday, political commentator Jeff Greenfield noted that the outlet hyped the Russia investigation to the point where it seemed as though the President would be indicted at any second. This, as political commentator Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress and former Hillary Clinton policy director, claimed that the media didn’t listen to the anti-Trump resistance enough.

Towards the end of their discussion, Greenfield was commenting on how many people listen to certain media outlets because it catered to what they wanted to hear. “And I was told it’s like sinking into a nice warm bath. And I think on both sides of the divide, people are sinking into nice warm baths to reconfirm what they believe,” he explained.

He then suggested that CNN was one of those kinds of places where the anti-Trump could find some solace:

The idea that when I watch CNN sometimes, I think, I expect the indictment on Donald Trump to be imminent because the focus on Russian collusion and that issue is very strong. And if you turn on MSNBC, you’re going to get pretty much a nightly dose of the prosecutor’s case against Donald Trump.


As heard on The Hagmann Report